Yes, Alex Kim and RecRev are a case in point, regardless of the fact that he “has” a product.

This thread reminds me of the review I want to write on my Civility. :wink:

Well, I am debating designing my own yoyo. However, I feel this is a bit premature. I also don’t need to form a new company as I’ll just add it to my existing company. But, mostly, I am not sure how it will be received, and if a company like YYE wouldn’t be willing to carry it as a product(along with maybe 2 other domestic to me retailers), then it wouldn’t make good financial sense to pursue this for me.

Without knowing what the costs would be to start from nothing, prototype and then do a run of 100-250 units(or more), I’m a long ways from making any sort of announcement. Then again, right now I’m not inclined to even follow this concept to any sort of further point than “stuff in my head”.

My thoughts are that manufacturer’s news needs to somehow be set up so that only manufacturers can post in that area. I’m not sure how the software for this forum works so I don’t know if that’s a possibility.
Then, in another area, such as child board, the general public can discuss the “news”.

Me too. How’s that going for ya? Probably about as good as it’s going for me too!

Ok, I’m picking up what you’re throwing down. And it makes total sense. No need to say you’re going to do something when you’re not. And if you do seriously want to do it… Do it! You gotta handle the money funds, machining, advertising, and business transactions. So if you haven’t put serious thought to it, don’t announce it to the world.
And if you have put serious thought to it, good! Keep thinking those crucial thoughts. But don’t say “I’m starting up” when you’re not really starting up anytime soon.

I getchya :wink: