PSA to all up and coming YoYo manufacturers!!!

Hello wannabe manufacturers!
Ive noticed that many of you are in need of some cash to start making prototypes and such. Kickstarter is a site where developers give a detailed description (often including pictures or videos) of their product and consumers pledge money to reserve a prototype or finalized version of the product at a reduced price. When a certain pledge goal is reached the product goes into production, if it isnt reached, well, too bad! More information can be found at their website. I learned about this site from my days as a card magician. People were designing their own cards and putting their projects on kickstarter. Kickstarter is very effective and much more organized and efficient then using the forums. Im pretty sure its also free or very cheap. So, if you want to try your hand at designing yoyos, Id strongly suggest you visit:


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I wanted to do this but I worry I won’t be able to provide something I say I will if you donate this much.

Youll have to find a machine shop and get a quote from them, then work from there

Thanks for posting this :D, i think i will find this very useful…

Good luck with your project