Can we get a rule clarification

There seem to be quite a few threads being deleted due to the discussion of yo-yos not available at YYE, which is fine if that’s the policy. However, I’ve seen lots of threads about the Draupnir and other yo-yos that aren’t available at YYE go untouched and I think that’s confusing. If you have a policy, stick to it or change it.



Just from my observation, it appears that deletion is based on a few factors:

  1. Whether the model is a brand associated mainly with a competing retailer (a brand owned by the competition); and
  2. Whether those models are the actual topic of the thread (in the title or original post), as opposed to part of an ensuing discussion where someone casually mentions it.

I just see that as the pattern. So, better wording on the basis for the deletion might be, “Please do not post topics about yo-yos branded by a competing retailer.” It kind of makes sense, that if you want to discuss yo-yos not just sold by the competition, but owned by them, take the discussion elsewhere. That is the difference between the Draupnir and a few other models that shall remain nameless. :wink:

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I think the rule got scraped, look at the thread Jrod just deleted.

That’s precisely why it was deleted. It’s the house brand of another store.

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I would say discussion about other yoyos should be fine, Obviously if someone gets on here and says hey go buy yoyo “X” from yoyo shop “Y” and its blatantly trying to drive business away from YYE then it should be deleted.

Otherwise let the forum be a forum and let the conversation flow about ALL yoyos.

Just my 2 cents.

I think if stores want to be in the business of making yo-yos, they should have their own place to discuss them. If their forums are not adequate to discuss their stuff, that’s their problem, and the problem of the people who chose to buy them in the first place. :smiley:

This is why the subreddit needs to get more popular.

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I understand the deletion of threads about Zeekio yoyos or the civility. But I think a little trouble comes in when you talk about sOmething. Isn’t that the house brand of hiroyuki’s store? But it’s also sold at YYE so is it excluded from the rule?


That is why I’m on there every day (just started posting, but long time lurker).

perfect ;0

upboats … oh wait, wrong forum… :wink:

^ I’m not on every day but I post when I can.

As many of you have noted, this is a tricky issue. The main problem is that threads about brands that are propriety to competing stores end up serving mostly as advertising for those stores and work as an invitation to go search out that other store.

For example, if someone made a thread about a special yoyo only available at the now defunct High Speed Yoyo store entitled “What do you guys think of the High Speed Yoyo SuperSpin coming out next week?”, this would compel a portion of potential YYE customers to go check out a competing store.

Thus far the moderation team is using our discretion about when to axe something. We’re discussing back channel and if we’re able to come up with a rule that’s flexible enough, we’ll certainly make an official ruling. Thanks for understanding everyone!

I think this statement describes our moderation efforts pretty much in general.

Thanks guys, I totally understand the need for this type of moderation and I hope a good level of consistency and compromise can be reached.

Also, please consider that Something is the house brand of a store that is not in the exact same market as YoyoExpert. YoyoExpert’s main consumer base is in the United States. So, there are different levels of competition, depending on where the competing store is located. For that reason, the two competing stores support each other, to an extent, from different markets. You may have noticed YYE x YYA edition yo-yos lately. It is based on the relationship with that particular store. Posts being at YoyoExpert discretion seems reasonable, especially when not in favor of stores operating primarily in the U.S. market.

This is a great point.

I used to work as head of public relations in an industry that was fairly unique, in that even though several different organizations made products that might appear to compete with each other, they actually complemented each other. I believe yo-yos are in that unique position as well.

Video games are a great example. Just because someone buys a game from Company A, that does NOT mean they will not also buy an item from Company B. In fact, if they buy something from Company A, they actually become more likely to buy something from Company B.

Yo-yo players are going to buy several different yo-yos. Based on what I’ve been able to see (which granted, is a newbie’s perspective), a yo-yo player eventually needs, at a minimum, at least six or seven yo-yos (five of which are totally different from each other, two of which are exactly alike) to be proficient and rounded players. They’re also going to buy at least a dozen different yo-yos on their way to getting proficient. Even being a brand newbie who is not proficient in any of the styles, I have four yo-yos, and they’re all different.

Besides, yo-yo players are going to buy different yo-yos, let each other play with them, talk about them, and show them off. If they can’t do it here, they’ll do it somewhere else.

Right now, I am trying to see if a store near my house carries looping pads from Duncan, which are not carried on this site. I can probably also just use friction pads which are sold here, but I’m pretty sure my yo-yo came with looping pads, and I would prefer to stick with the stock setup.

If I wasn’t able to discuss that here, I’d get frustrated at the site and find some place I could get that information.

My thought would be that disallowing discussions of other yo-yos here doesn’t prevent people from purchasing the yo-yos on this site at all. Just because someone likes a competing yo-yo doesn’t mean they won’t encourage someone to buy one from this site too. Further, when yo-yo players want to have their conversations, they will. Do you want them having those conversations here where they see your brand, see your adds, and begin to feel that this is their “home” and thus become emotionally attached to your site, or do you want them to do those things someplace else?

Just a question (and more for thought than for an actual answer) from a guy that used to work in an industry sort of similar.

This site carries the Duncan looping pads:
(Use the pull down to see them)

Plain old std sea level friction pads work well too.

Oh God… I must have looked at that thing 10 times and didn’t see the looping stickers.

Well now. That’s awkward.

Thank you.

What does sea level mean?