Yoyo expert stop taking down my threads!!!!

I like you Andre but what’s with always erasing or moving my threads! They are not offensive and I don’t use bad words. SMH

Are you posting in the correct section? (And I doubt Andre himself is moving your threads) Either way, you’d do better asking a mod rather than creating a complaint thread.


Can you be more specific? Looking in the logs I see nothing by you that was deleted going back to mid-June. Didn’t go back any further than that.

I merged this into the existing wyyc 2015 thread.


Is this what you are referring to?

I’m only aware of one thread that was removed and that was explained.
There are a few posts but not that many.

Maybe they were just moved to another section, like this thread.

While I am not sure what exactly the OP is referring to, it would be nice in the future to explain the reasoning for deleting a thread/post in a consistent manner.

For example, two of mine were deleted with no explanation. I later figured out it was because in both posts I linked to tutorial videos posted by YYT on their YouTube channel. Not to their store mind you, only their YouTube channel, but since they run a store elsewhere a mod presumably felt that was a breach of conduct. Personally I think that was a pretty fine hair to split since the posts were clearly aimed at trying to help a fellow community member and not guide them to a competitor.

It is your world and you can rule as you will, but having a consistent response to deletions would be nice.

has threads being deleted
makes thread about it

Don’t you see where this ends up?

Allow me to explain. It’s not my world and I don’t rule as I want. I volunteer to assist a great guy provide a place for people to hang out and share the love of yoyo. We do our best to make reasonable calls on many things within the framework of the rules.

Many threads and posts wouldn’t need to be deleted if people actually read the rules and chose to follow them. It is not uncommon for individuals to intentionally break the rules, nor is it uncommon for individuals to unintentionally break rules, it is more common for people to be ignorant of the rules because they don’t read them. I understand that an explanation to each deletion might be nice, but it’s impractical. We offer explanations when we believe they are needed.

You can always pm a mod and ask for clarification regarding a deletion. :wink:

Actually, it’s better not to explain why some posts are deleted. In many cases it just causes unnecessary noise and debate regarding the issue. In 99.99999% of the cases, no public debate is warranted. And in many cases, the poster already knows the reason to begin with. As skitrz noted, contact a mod about it.

That is fair I suppose.

In my case I knew the rules, but it didn’t occur to me that pointing a fellow community member to some very helpful videos that would have helped them immensely was actually breaking the rules. I suppose I could justify that based on the letter of the law, since the rules state no links to other stores or forums, but actually say nothing explicit about videos created by other yo-yo players that also happen to run a store elsewhere. Of course, I can see “forum” being loosely expanded to include YouTube comments and thus YouTube videos, which I assume is the case here.

It seems silly to me, although honestly what I find a more odd is that you guys would be willing to sacrifice community building and generating good will in order to guard against people straying to other sites. Probably 95% of them will find those sites anyway. As someone who has run online communities for years I don’t think that is a good sacrifice to make, especially since I can’t see YYE really losing all that much business because of a few links. But, like I said, they are not my rules and you guys can interpret and enforce them however you like.

I suppose my point is that, yes, you don’t need to justify every deletion, but it certainly might be nice in cases that are based upon expanded interpretation of the rules rather than explicit examples of the rules. At the very least it is considered good mod etiquette to at least inform the offending person directly regarding the decision in ambiguous cases. But, again, not my forum so not my call.

And I suppose I should dutifully admit that this post itself breaks the rules since I suppose I should be PM’ing this rather than stating this publicly :slight_smile:

Yes, in many cases a lot of forum members know the other store forums and such. My own experience is that forums do not allow reference to competing forums or their related business arms. This includes numerous yoyo, car, camping, canoe and other hobby/activity related forums, most of which are supported by a related store or advertising revenue. Privately run forums may be another story. I haven’t encountered many if any.

If anyone feels an intense need to advise someone about a store or forum elsewhere, there’s always a PM. I’ve done it myself in a few cases.

Posting links to YouTube videos are OK as long as they aren’t videos posted by a competitor. Correct?