How can I completely delete everything I have ever posted to this site?

See the title. I don’t want anything I have ever posted here to exist any longer. The lying to promote sales has gone far enough for me to bow out. How can I do that?


You can got to each individually and delete them one x one.
if you are leaving, you can request to have your account deleted, but since you are a long time member your posts can’t readily be deleted nor can you be easily deleted. We can anonymize you which erases you from the forum and leaves your posts with no identifying information pointing to you.


Ugh. But that sounds like the best option. Thanks!

FYI, no this is not due to bangarang threatening me or claiming I will be sued for my opinion. It is because my opinion has been silenced for no just cause other than money. So I want to wipe this dust off my feet.


Actually I mis-spoke. You can’t actually delete them but you can edit them to be blank.


Thanks again for the clarification and help. Time for bed.


What happened?..


When I delete a post I can still see what comment has been deleted so it’s not really gone.


Eh, I don’t think the mass deletions were simply about $$$. Things spiraled way out of control in that thread and it became a bit of a dumpster fire. You raised some valid points, but the way you did so was pretty abrasive. And the manufacturer probably responded in the worst way possible. Overall, it was straight up painful to read and a lousy representation of this community.


I hope that now you that have gotten a night of sleep , you’ll reconsider your decision to leave the forum.


I can’t speak for all, but you have intelligent things to say, and I enjoy reading your posts.
You are philosophical, and of course philosophy raises differences of opinion. Really no need to be so drastic, you are appreciated by many. I don’t know the post in question, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

BTW what trick are you working on now? I have decided to take a new element I find, and blend it into an “original” trick based on what I already know. We’re here because we like yo-yos…right?


Roy saId exactly what I was hoping to say, but way more eloquently than what was coming out of my keyboard.

Yeah that thread didn’t go very well, it seemed fairly heated all around and I think it’s in everyone’s best interests that we keep the general tone of the forums civil and respectful.

I hope this moment isn’t enough to make you walk away from a community you’re clearly so passionate about.

Hope all is well.


This could be a new feature for discourse :slight_smile: @codinghorror


If you have a lot of posts, it creates holes in the discussion if you remove all your content, so this (self-deletion) can only be done by new users with 1 post or less. Otherwise you need to flag one of your posts for mod attention using the flag button at the bottom of the post.


Would anyone mind explaining this? I guess I’m outta the loop on this one. PM is probably best so it doesn’t get hashed out again.

Edit: Received a detailed PM about the situation, thanks!

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What happened??? I work for living so I have zero idea. Hope it all works out!


I’ve been informed that it wasn’t purposeful to have deleted all my praise on the yoyo and only leave criticism. I’m debating what choice to make now. Either way I do not think it’s a big deal. There is plenty of passion and talent here. Joel certainly included. And I sure never wanted a thread about ‘I’m leaving’ boo hoo, but if I do, I’m doing it completely.

To try and answer best I can. My points were completely valid and honest in my own personal experience in my 1st post. Later supported by some amazing ti anodizers who came in also talking about literal titanium anodizing 101 mistakes and how to correct them. Being called art is like yoyodoc leaving oil and dust under his paint and calling it art. Subjective, sure. But also literally labeled as mistakes in titanium anodizing books. I did not write these books or instruction videos I had just read and seen them and worked them out myself and passed that information on. Not cool to some, I can understand that. As stated I had only accomplished the basics, that should have quantified my opinion for what it is. But those basics in many endeavors have a rule about rules. You must 1st master the rules in order to break them properly. So if they are breaking them on purpose as art, fine, but that mastery of the basic rules should be readily apparent in the simple 2 color splash work. It’s up to you to decide if that mastery is there or not. Not to me. But I have an opinion on what I see and I don’t have to lie. What you see will depend on who’s looking and no one is better than another for that. But be able to accurately discuss what you like or don’t. I didn’t want to fight about it.

I was transparent and honest so no big deal I thought. Your new, this community loves new makers. People here love buying new and exciting wares and seeing them create more. I was one of them. There was no need to start anything and I didn’t think I had. I was wrong. Then a flat out lie about impossible colors was stated and I intentionally became abrasive. I kept hearing I had no substance and proof and provided it. Others provided it with way more experience, skill, and knowledge than myself. So I didn’t take kindly to someone openly telling lies to such a supportive community. It’s unnecessary and is a slight to everyone else who has put their time in before them imho. Also I really believe you can’t be truly successful if you start with lies. Much less in a community that has no need for you to be anything but yourself. I know this because I’ve lied before and it destroys any good intention. You can not bring love and light into darkness and joy as they said they were doing in that manner. These seem like basic truths to me and not opinion, but maybe I’m completely wrong?

Buy what you want, what calls to you in some way. Who in the world would care if I liked the color application or not on what you were buying with your money to fulfill your desire? Makes no sense to me. So don’t let my opinion detract from what you like. That’s mental slavery.

But I wasn’t upset or anything I was laughing and having what we call a good ole time. People threatening you and threatening to sue you and telling you what to do on the internet should make you laugh no? I like the messy sometimes. It’s fun. But I’m honest. Truth as I understand it has a ruthless side. Anyone can unleash whatever they want on me. I’m an adult. Not bragging, I’m just old. I will never ask for it to be deleted or report it and never have. But be honest as you see it and lets discuss why we see and feel what we do. You can’t hurt me, I hope you all feel the same way about yourselves. Never let anyone’s mouth sounds hurt you, especially on the internet. As Gandhi said, ‘no one can hurt me without my permission’. Or, someone else I’ve forgotten said, ‘within the emotion that destroys you, is your decision to let it destroy you’. But yeah, the truth can hurt and heal. It’s not who said a truth that hurt you’s fault. It’s just the truth and you know it, not the messenger.
So yeah, I like a good ole dumpster fire now and again. It’s a perfect representation of this community to me. Life is messy at times, for everyone everywhere. We are far from perfect creatures and I’ve always resisted people thinking we’re supposed to wear a mask. Why pretend to be something you’re not for other people. What Hervey Cleckley called ‘The Mask of Sanity’. Or as Carl Jung stated, ‘most people are just shy of hospital cases’. Know why? Wearing a mask takes a lot of work! Try it sometime if you don’t believe me or the smarty pants I quoted.

But yeah, is this the place for being this honest? Don’t know, but I don’t know how to be otherwise. Not an excuse, I made myself this way by choice and no choice lol and it’s too late now.

I tried to answer what I could without being controversial. If this is just going to cause another problem, just delete it. I have the answer I needed.


My curiosity has been peaked and now I can’t even read into it .why am I like this ?


No point in leaving 90% of us have no idea what the f is going on ha. You are an interesting person.


He and another guy got into a personal, extensive flame war over the manufacture and marketing of a yoyo. It was deleted. The end…