I'm sorry. My last post.

I’ve only been here a couple of months, but due to a recent event only yesterday, which I caused and which got a member Yoyospirit banned, I am feeling extremely guilty. I will not state the event, as the admin/moderator removed my post for a reason. I only realized my mistake after I made the post. I take responsibility. I feel really guilty, and will be removing myself from the image of the community by not coming back onto this account again.
I love Yoyoexpert and the community, but this will be my last time posting. At least for another couple of years/months/weeks/days/hours/idk how long. Goodbye. :frowning:

(seeing posts roll in) I don’t know about leaving anymore :S WAT DO I DO?!

I’m not sure what happened but there is no need to leave the forums. At least lurk for a while

If it was your fault you would have been banned don’t worry about it. Just learn your lesson and keep on keeping on.
If we all stuck our heads in the dirt when something didn’t work out well we wouldn’t get anywhere.

but ily

Um. You feel guilty because it’s your fault that someone got banned? If anything, you’d think you did the right thing by bringing to light the breaking of the rules?

I wouldn’t worry. The person that got banned didn’t appear to care based on his post at another board

Don’t worry about Wes he will be just fine.

That’s what we do Mike. Since its like daycare here we all go where adults can talk.

Breathing too much powder.

Oh xiaoxiao, you came and you gave without taaaaking! But we sent you away… sniff…oh xiaoxiao!!

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Don’t leave us :’(

Well, this is intriguing…

Coming right from yoyspirits mouth:

“Wasn’t his fault I acted like an idiot in the chat, let him know”

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Don’t leave

Too much money

Hope you’re not referring to Facebook, Robert. It’s absolutely lopsided the number of so-called “childish” posts on certain Facebook boards compared to here. And I don’t mean in favour of Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong… I love both… and I get to be childish on both. :wink: But if you think that’s where the “adults” are, you’ve got blinders on.

Anyplace you cant speak your mind is for kids. Religion anyone???

No need to leave. Obviously the other guy was the one in the wrong and got banned. You don’t need to take it out on yourself if your still allowed to be apart of this online community. Just leave things be and continue on here.

What religion are you with, some kind of cult or what??

Wow 2 pages…
I’m really reconsidering now. Huh.
But then this would seem like an attention stunt.
Well, If I can land 13 Eli hops right now, I’ll stay. Deal?

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