I'm sorry. My last post.

My religion has nothing to do with it.

Freedom of speech does though. Religion and the like which is a nono around here.

I got 12.

too many threads going off topic :stuck_out_tongue: All these posts turning into 1v1 battles and killing the original meaning of the post

How is that even relevant.

Stunt! Haha jk

I sincerely respect that you prefer a forum that allows you to express your opinions on things like religion, Robert, and I honestly didn’t know that the rules here were the informing factor on your opinion on the relative maturity levels of the two mediums…

However, I simply don’t (and a logical person CAN’T) conflate those freedoms with adulthood. They are two unrelated topics. You can have no freedom and be an adult; you can have all the freedoms in the world and be a child. Any number of petty children can quite happily spout nonsense about any number of topics (including religion) in any number of places, and doing so doesn’t make them adults. :wink: Freedom gives you freedom. It doesn’t give you adulthood.

It’s self-evident when you see the latest posts on FB that it’s not “where the adults are”. There are–thankfully-- both adults and children in both places.

Greg it’s where fun is and that feeling like you don’t have to watch out for everything you say.

You cannot seriously compare the two places, logically.

Man this thread got off topic. Well if you really feel the need to leave then do it, but do not do it because you think you were responsible for a banning. If that person got banned and not you, then I think we know which person was in the wrong. Anyway, I’m sure leaving is not the right response to deal with this, just learn the lesson and move on.

Back on topic:

Buddy, don’t beat yourself up. What I would do, is don’t do anything (post, PMs, BST, etc) at all but just watch and see how it goes as a guest. Then, after a while, sign-in and try again.


The guys that got kicked knew what they were doing. They brought it on themselves, no one else is to blame for their actions.

So are you staying?

But like what people have said a million times in this thread. It’s not your fault you’r not the one that got banned. If it was you’r fault you would have been the one that got banned but your still here so it obviously wasn’t your fault.




Lol Alright, alright. I’ll stay. Probably :stuck_out_tongue:
I had actually put my account up for deletion…for about 1-3 hours.

Strike now whilst the iron is hot and the wind is in your favour. Forget about it and continue posting.

The longer this “will I/won’t I” goes on the more chance that you will lose the favour of the masses. :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad to hear you’r gonna stay

I’ve said it before, but…you realize this board is designed for kids right? You’re great at powder coating yoyos and I find some of your fb stuff hilarious but the fact that you can’t post your mind on a forum that is obviously designed for children to talk about toys and have their hands held really seems to get under your skin in a really weird way that confuses me since it seems like it should be really obvious why things are the way they are and why they won’t change ever.

OP: Welcome back. It was a rough 80 minutes without you between your “last post” and your next post and a really stressful 85 minutes after that until your official return. Usually “I’m done forever” on the internet lasts at least 24 hours but I guess the internet makes everything move a lot faster. Even the internet.

Well, since I’m staying, cut this thread. Forget about it. And quit it about religion! Come on! Yoyos, not religion. Yoyos, not religion.

If that was the case then there should be restrictions. Age limits etc.