Goodbye everyone


goodbye everyone.

apparently my parents say i cant use these forums anymore. they think everyone here is a scammer asking for what you have, and to never trust strangers over the internet. i think theyre partly correct, but honestly i just wanted to find people i can talk to about yoyoing.

well, ill just stay alone in my corner yoyoing by myself.

this is my last post and my last time on the forums.
thanks for keeping me company for the few months ive been here.

goodbye everyone.

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(Evan Landreneau) #2

Bye man. We will miss you.


Goodbye my friend ;( I hope you great fortune in your future.

({John15}) #4

Aww bummer! What a shame, you were a great part of the community for a while.

(Gethin) #5

Come to some contests and we can hang, keep honing your skill, good vibes coming your way from SLC.

(Evan Landreneau) #6

I’m really sad to see him go



Wait before you go can you send me all your yo-yos, I promise to send you a Ti Walker in return as soon as I get them, fair trade, u can trust me man i’m Legit

(shubham) #9

Not everyone is a scammer try to spend less time on forum than quiting it.focus more on your goals.

({John15}) #10



Just in case you drop by to check this thread>

Your parents need to realize a few things. This Forum is made up of an entire cross section of ages. We have kids probably under 10 and senior citizens; like me.

The guy that owns and oversees this entire multi-faceted Board; is not only a National yoyo master but also owns A to Z Toy Store.

Several different people take turns Moderating this Forum; to constantly monitor the Forum; to keep things clean and productive.

To a certain degree; being able to interact on this Forum; is in itself; an excellent communication tool. Being socially connected to people with similar interests; is a great way to stay motivated and actually learn stuff.

People can’t scam you if you don’t give them the opportunity.

We all take turns Clowning around; on a daily basis. There is no danger of ‘getting scammed’ just by reading the Board.

…And something else<> You don’t have to trade or buy or sell on the Forum.

You don’t even have post at all. Go directly to the Learn section and learn some tricks.

You don’t have to say a word to anybody. You don’t have to sell or buy from anyone.

(Goodnight Garrett) #12

Before you go can I borrow 5 bucks


Well said!


I would so like to believe that there are actually kids that will stop doing something like using an online forum because their parents said not to. Perhaps I am old and jaded…

({John15}) #15

Agreed. If the parents could be reassured, that would be cool. But it’s commendable that he would honor his parents.

(Joseph) #16

I will definitely miss you. Goodbye. :sob:

(ChrisFrancz) #17

Or if his parents just created an account here to see what’s going on. Or if he just gave his parents access to his account they would see this forum is as harmless as a Disney movie. We’ll hear from him again. Some day. I wonder how many of us will still be here by then.

({John15}) #18

It already feels nostalgic

(????????? ??????) #19

He came as a story…

He left as a Legend…


As they say in the movies, easy come, easy go,