It has to be said...

Well, as you probably know (or not, that’s not the point anyway), I’m posting on different forums, here and there, different mentalities and whatnot.

and every now and then, more often than not, I see that occasional “YYE forums are the worst, there are tons of kids asking the same questions etc…”.

I’ve been around for some time now, and I want to say that overall, this is probably the place where I go the most. Of course there are some kids around, and we often get this “what’s the best yoyo?” thread going on. But all in all, this board has a deep pool of quality posters as well as a fair share of “top of the food chain” players.

We’re having a great deal of good, well moderated and usually well constructed debates, the occasional idiotic but funny thread, a few heartfelt ones as well.

This is a great forum, it’s not snob, it’s very well moderated and held, the admin and mod teams are great. It’s well built. there’s tons of info and help for the newcomers, tons of vids etc…

Obviously, and unfortunately as well, forums can’t really reproduce the feel of real meetings, and it’s not their role anyway. But this place kinda feels “like home”, just like when you’re in a great meeting and you just feel just right, you know you’re in the right place, at the right time and you’re just having a blast.

anyway, I don’t care what other people say about this place, but I think this is a great place, great job YYE !


I went to that other place,havent been there for years(1 and a ahlf

I’m on a total of 6 forums, but I’m only active really on this one.

Each brings it’s own unique slant to the table, be it different uses, attitude, vibe, whatever. They are all good in their own ways.

Personally, I don’t care what others think. If I don’t like a forum, I’ll either delete my account or just let it idle and not do anything there.

I do agree that forums can’t replace meets. Yoyo is best experienced as a social activity. Be it a meet, club, hanging out or at a contest. I’m organizing my own meets, but I think today, due to weather here(I meet outside at a nearby park), I think it might be best to cancel… but I’m gonna go hardcore and inline skate to the park with my yoyo case and backpack and try to stick it out for a bit if it’s not raining!

Back when I posted that experiment with the smashed Northstar, amid the freakout, there was a comment on the YoyoNation thread along the lines of “It isn’t as bad here compared to YoyoExpert”. Meanwhile, the thread here on YoyoExpert was tame and relatively silent.

YYE does have a young audience, and a lot more useless post around, but I do enjoy the not so srs bsns attitude here

just to be clear, I was not mentioning any other forum in particular. rather stating my observation that in some other forums, there seems to be a trend of mild “YYE hate” that I feel is clearly undeserved.

which doesn’t mean the other places are bad. but for some reason, YYE has that kind of “rep” going on for apparently no reason.

they’re just jealous of andre’s sweet tutorials.

I’ve enjoyed these forums, and it seems like most people try to stay positive. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all and move on.

I go here when the other site has less traffic [check my sig] but I find myself going here more often now because it’s usually dead at the other site. We can’t do anything about the ‘kids’. Kids will be kids. Other than that, I enjoy my stay here. Plus, I still have to learn tricks through Andre’s tutorials [in which I haven’t done in a while because I make my own tricks…even though they’re noobish]

YYE just wins.
Simple as that.
Im just glad that I was a big help to getting it to where it is today.

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I grew myself as a yoyo player here, learn much things, from tricks to yoyo design.
Found this site from master magic, and loving this place ever since.

Well, some times, questions from kids bugs me, but I remember my friend Q, says that we better help each other.
Beside, the one that took the most benefit if the yoyo world got bigger is our self.

Sometimes its like having younger brother that ask a lot, and remember myself doing the same thing before.

This one is pretty good.

Ego much?

I prefer my forums to be dead smooth.

-_- Not even a funny pun…

Go find a funeral/mortuary forum. They tend to be both dead and smooth.

Not to ruin the mood of levity in this thread, but… do they actually have those?

I love yye and thinks it really has become the premier forum


I don’t say “sadly” because it’s not really a sad industry. It’s mostly people looking for help and advice on how to save money. It was very helpful in dealing with some crap when a relative recently passed away. Of course, the people “paying the bill” refused to take simple methods that would have saved them thousands. I could only save them $300 by going with a mail order urn, not the funeral home provided urn.

Come on, man. It was kinda funny.