Well, here i am.

I’m going to start off by saying that i know that i can’t say the name of another forum, so if you can bear (bare?) with me, i thank you. I have been a member of -this other forum- for a long while now. I have gone there almost everyday for about three years. It had become an internet home. Sadly, this forum is more or less becoming yoyo history. Well loved history, that will always be remembered, but history none the less. Seeing this go, leaves me trying to live in a ghost town. I have always had an account on yoyoexpert but -this other forum- has always been where i spent my time. Finally accepting it, i’ve decided to switch over here, to yoyoexpert. So, here i am! I plan to come to these forums daily now, and i will try to become a name that you all know! Is anybody else in the same boat as i am? Thanks for reading all this.



Im just kidding welcome to the forum there are a lot of active members every day here(:

Well, as long as you don’t bring none of the riffraff from those other places with ya, yer always welcome here. :wink:

Welcome to YYE!

Just don’t say hamlet.

@Sniffyo on twitter

Well it’s about time you came to over. You live in Tulsa right?

Wait. Are you the teacher who did those awesome unboxings?
If so you should do more. I really enjoyed them.


@Sniffyo on twitter

Un-fortunatley i am not from tulsa, or that super cool teacher. Haha, i’m not acutally old or a grandma by the way (if you couldn’t figure it out.) It’s just a silly name i came up with when i was probably 12


Welcome to YYE!

I’m a bit curious… what is your username on that other forum?

Your avatar is familiar but I can’t place it.


I’m a member on a couple other forums (all using the same name) but they are nowhere near as active as here, thus making this my primary place of yoyo discussion.

I actually use the “AngryGumball” name everywhere and have become pretty well known on an amusement park forum (as that’s my other love).

Yea, I remember that teacher lady unboxing a Squirrel and that initially came to mind.

Thank you, i’m 2pointyo on the other forum

Haha! I laugh @ myself. Here I wuz thinking you may have been this lady…http://www.youtube.com/user/moomintroll8/videos, haven’t seen her for awhile. But, welcome to the forums. It’s the “goto” place.

I’m actually in the same boat as you! The other forum was my main forum for over 5 years but now ive been using this forum alot more and I’ve made this my main forum. Generally the people here are slot nicer and not so vicious. The other forum had the same meaning as it has to you and I guess we’re both here for good

Oh! Now i know who you’re talking about, i used to really enjoy those videos, but she stopped making them i guess  :-\