Hey Everyone

hey everyone my names Thomas and im new to this forum. Im also on yoyonations forum and I have been on their for a while. I have been yoyoing for 4 1/2 months and my fav. yoyo is the CLYW peak im getting one soon.

                  Thomas  ;D

Welcome to the YoYoExpert Forums! Hope you have a great time here! Congrats on your first post!

thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome to yoyoexpert.com! i’m sure you’ll like it here. I’ve only been here since yesterday and i already do!

lol im already starting to like it here to

Yeah, this place is pretty cool.

My new welcoming phrase, If you don’t like this forum, forums aren’t for you.
NOTE: I don’t mind if people copy that…

i love this forum

Welcome to YYE!

You will like it here!

We are more of a family then just a forum here.
We try to help everyone out as much as we can, and we never put each other down.

Its a really tight community here, quite different from other forums.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at YYE, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!



thanks so much josh ur videos have helped me alot just thought i would say that

This forum is way better than the other ones

I think just about everyone who went on this forum likes it. Welcome!

Welcome to YYE. You’ll love this place more than any other. ;D Everyone here are all here to help each other. It’s very friendly here. ;D

thanks everyone for the warm welcome im already likking YYE