I apologize


I must apologize to the community and this forum, and especially to icthus. If anyone has been following my posts. Leaning Trapeze and “I must say” I made a fool out of myself.

I took a personal disagreement concerning yoyo play out on the forum and it’s members, that were only trying to offer me opinions and advice.
I “quit” discussing “I must say” NOT because I disagree with the other members but because I let my emotions outside the form get to me.

I “quit” learning Trapeze NOT because of failure to succeed but for the same reason as above.
I was foolish and immature please accept my apology, especially icthus.


I must apologize to you too. I acted immaturely to you, and wouldn’t be surprised if I discouraged you further.

I hope you stay with us, and welcome back. Maybe you will get started in new school tricks, or stay old school and love it. I hope you have fun with your endeavors, and I want to say, the yoyoing community will welcome you in with wide arms :slight_smile:



People have their moments. Main thing is to make sure your personal problems don’t affect what you say here. We “the forum” Gladly accept your apology and hope you stay around for a long time.

I’ve had my bad days too. Its life. Welcome back.

(Gorrilla_YO) #4

This is by far the best post that I have read on yoyoexpert. I’m speakin the truth. Spot on. ;D
Although I haven’t read your topic on “trapeeze” or followed it, I still felt that you Tried your best.

I hope that you will still continue your journey in yoyoing and not quit. Sure people can give you advice, critisism, or correct you, however you should take it in as a positive note. This is part of a learning experience. I know that we all have our good and bad days, its human nature. Stick in there man you can do it.

Good luck in the future
throw hard and learn tricks
Have fun, we are all friends here…
Once again welcome back…

BIG GORRILLA HUG JUST FOR YOU :o :o :o :o :o :o :o


Welcome back!

Although, I must say having read the post histories, I still can’t see any disagreements, personal or otherwise. Not sure what the fuss was all about.

At any rate, having better luck these days?

(Mark) #6

We all have our bad days. I believe I can say that all of us here on the forums were frustrated on some trick or had their emotions take the best of them. I really hope that you stay on the forums and maybe you will learn trapeze and other tricks sometime in the near future. Thus I will say.

Welcome back!