A few months ago, I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. For 6 months or so, I gave up on yo-yoing. I remember this was one of the friendliest and most welcoming communities back then, and I sure do hope it is the same now, even though the forums has changed a bit.

Just saying, don’t make this mistake. You will regret it at some point.

Oh, and I’m coming for that Mass State Championship at some point.

I hope at least.

Every one makes mistakes. It’s what you learn and take from it that makes you who you are. Stick to it and I’m sure you’ll go far. Also welcome back.

I did, and yeah, I regret it.

I regularly take 2/3-months-long breaks from yoyoing, getting back to it after a while changes your perspective on a lot of things -> new angles = new ideas

It’s a good idea when you have those blank periods when you can’t come up with anything new or when you struggle with some tricks.

Plus, when you are too much into the flow of what is happening in the yoyo community, you usually need breaks from all the drama.

I took a hiatus/lost interest for about 2 years and got back into it last year. Why I lost interest was because I felt like once I reached a point, everything else was above my head. I decided to jump back in the game (thankfully I wasn’t rusty as I still periodically threw) I picked up with Spirit Bomb…man what a challenge that was. But over the past year, I’ve improved a ton and as said, I saw yoyoing from a different angle as I got into trick creating - where the fun really begins :slight_smile:

If stepping away from the yoyo community for a few months is the biggest mistake you make in life then you’re on track for supreme happiness.

I fully disagree with everything you said.:flushed:

At least you understood it enough to disagree :smiley:

Which means what exactly?

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Often stepping away to return with a new perspective is the right way to grow :sunglasses:

Just what I said… I couldn’t understand enough of what he said to be able to disagree!

In short:

breaks are good when inspiration goes missing

there can be a lot of drama, and when you feel too involved, stepping away for a while can also be a good thing

now I’m going back to learning how to English good

Ahhh…that made much more sense!

Why not look at it like this:
If you didn’t give up on yoyoing before, you probably don’t value it as much today.
Because you did gave up, you finally realize the value of this community and then decided to stay.
It’s not necessarily a mistake in my book.

You made perfect sense to me earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

We all make mistakes but you just have to get back to where you want to be! That being said you will never win the MA championships because I will beat you, I didn’t quit for those 6 months so I will have higher skill levels ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Yo are young and there is always time to get back and enjoy a new contest! Practice your routines and slowly you will be back to your old self! Ain’t no quit in ya!

Don’t some writers create their books, let them sit on shelves for many months or even years before they do a final edit and publish them, just to get a different perspective and fresh mind set on them?

You kind of did the same thing. :slight_smile: