What is everything I new to make my own yoyo company.

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I need help, I need to know what my friend and I need to start a yoyo company. Like what program do I get to design my yoyos, where do I send the information. How much it costs. Whatever I need, make sure to put the information on this thread. Thank you.


Id indeed imagine this to be easier in smaller countries with smaller, less standardized yoyo markets. In the best scenario you just 3ds/cad up the design and find for yourself a cheap metalwork factory to manufacture the prototypes and then wat.
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No disrespect intended, but if you need to ask that question here, you’re nowhere near prepared to take it on.


For any business, you need to start with a business plan:



You’ll need a couple thousand dollars, a qualified machinist, a good understanding of solidworks and yoyo design and then you might be able to get started.

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Well as far as software goes you can design yoyo’s on pretty much any CAD program Solid Works And Google Sketch up are a couple cad programs I’ve heard of.

But beware CAD is not easy to learn I did battle bots back in the day and I tried messing around with CAD to draw some basic “Battle Bot’s” and I gave up cuz it was hard and frustrating and I got sick of it.

But you might not have as much difficulty as I did. Good Luck Adrian I’ll see you at yoyonight tonight and we can talk more if you want.

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Maybe I don’t want to do this, I’ll tell my partner maybe not

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I’ll do this some other time later In life

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Yea its pretty tuff trying to run a buisness.


In the mean time you can start trying to take (or read and learn about online) physics, machining, little bit of business, and materials types of classes. If you intend to stick with this goal, go to college and get a science or engineering degree. lol

Try to learn CAD as well. Even the basics of 3D CAD modeling will get you pretty far.