Making yoyos

Howdy y’all!

Me and my friend were thinking of starting a yoyo company. Maybe a small one, to have fun and make yoyos for the community. But I was wondering, what do we need to start? I know that there are machine shops to make them, but what kind of software, materials, and other things do we need to produce, ano, and sell yoyos?



There’s a couple people on here with experience so it might be best to ask them. There’s also a couple other threads like this but I’m not willing to look them up and you can probly take a look at the up and coming manufacturers since a lot of their threads show a step by step of the creation process.

Expect to spend a good amount of capital since the aluminum bars plus the cost to hire a machinist and the prototyping can get rather spendy pretty quickly.


Really all you need to start is a cad modeling program.
Money and intelligence is also suggested.

Cad design can be sent to a machine shop. Buy some spacers and pads or make your own. Have some type of colorway in mind, send to a anodizer/painter.

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I can paint these yoyos if you make them. Really cheaply to: