A where to anodize a yoyo?

Can someone tell me where I can get my yoyo anodized?

This should be in the mods and maintenance and it’s been asked a couple times

I believe there’s:
Aman Sircus
England44(currently not taking requests I think)

im relatively sure appleton is an annodizing company that does yoyos. There was a forum member who posted a yoyo done by them and it looked great.

It’s England1414

Appleton Anodizing has only just done their first yoyos (one for Waylon in particular). They’re not experienced with yoyos, but if they’re experienced with anodize in general I would say that’s a safe bet-- not sure how to contact them, though.

If you google appleton anodizing their facebook page will pop up if you got to that I think he just said to message him and he’ll get back to you.