Any Anodizers suggestions?

I’m looking for a well respected anodizer, I don’t have the $$ for it right now but im looking into a anodizer who can help me with a crazy Idea I have, A response of recommendation would be great!


England and Gruntbull are the only ones I know that are experienced with yoyos. You could always check around online for other anodizers or look locally but it’ll probly be more expensive

Id get in touch with England but he seems busy with college, and hmm never heard of gruntbull ill be sure to look into his work thanks a lot bruh!

Gruntbull primarily does ano for paintball guns. But he does a lot of top yoyo brands ano.

He’s super hard to get into if you’re only getting one yoyo done though, like, nearly impossible.

Evan from Toxic Strings might be a good person to get in contact with over this. He did do the first run of Summits on that crushing tight time schedule and those jobs turned out amazing(I saw them).

If I were to do a one-off, I think he’d be the person I’d contact first to get the ball rolling.

Monkeyfinger and Aman Sircus could work as well

Aman does awesome but makes WAY to many mistakes.

Toxic is currently full.

If your getting one of then go with England1414 here on the forums.

Doing an actual run, contact gruntbull

Glad to here! How could I contact him? is he on the forum?

Evan is full and not taking any anodizing jobs

Could you give me an idea of some of the mistakes? just in case so I can get an idea what im dealing with if I choose his work

Ohh! Thanks for your help Though!