Im looking to get a new plastic i can mod myself. What i mean by mod is like shims, bearing, silicone pads. Ive got about 40 bucks, any suggestions?

Those can pretty much be done to any yoyo, so basically anything under about $30 would be good. Why do you want to do those things to your yoyos? Do you think they’ll make it better? What are some of your preferences?

I’ve been looking at the prostar and grindmachine, though I’ve yet to actually try them. I personally disliked the hybrid speeder and DM, but to each his own.

I want to do this, basically as something to do. I havnt done it, but i dont know. it just seems like it would be fun. Like putting together model cars.

Always a good reason. Messing around with stuff and making it you own in your own way is always fun I think.

Basically any of the plastics from YYJ and Duncan and most of them from YYF will work fine. I personally don’t do much modding, but I’m sure that either celcon or polycarbonate is probably easier to mod, so maybe a modder will see this and leave his comments.

FHZs are always cool but personally, I’d say get two YYJ kicksides and then mix the sides so you have 1 solid o-ring and one solid star-burst. you can silicone out the o-ring one and also one cool thing about kickside is they have clear caps so you can print out your own pictures and put those behind the caps so you can have your own custom caps. Another awesome thing is that they’re made out of celcon so its really durable and you can dye it without acetone if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

With the o ring half, would you reccommend those yyj silicone pads? What bearing should i get also? I Like the speed bearing, but does the kickside come with that responsive one like in the new dark magic and revolution?

it comes with a C size bearing.
has an adjustable gap
and yes you could use their sili pads but why not just silicone it yourself that would be more fun ;D

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FHZ!!! Clear FHZ.

Paint the FHZ, silicone the FHZ/Pad Recess, Highwall the FHZ, and then you can also go for a… beefcake!

Ive already tried to silicone my speeder… didnt work out that well…