Would you guys buy this?

(Jesse) #1

OK, so I’ve gotten a pretty good rig silicone recessing yo-yos. I was thinking of something I could do. ALRIGHT! Here it is (in summary)

You choose any yo-yo (Around $25 or less in the beginning)
You PM me the yo-yo and the link to where I can buy it.
I order the yo-yo and silicone recess it (you can choose if you want one side or both sides)
I ship the yo-yo to you.
I was thinking for price around, well let me figure this out here.

Let’s say the yo-yo is $15.
Add $5 for the shipping to me
Add $5 to ship it to you
About how much would you guys pay for the silicone recessing service? I was thinking around $10, so in the end it would add around $35, but what do you guys think?


One of the only yos I could think of recessing would be a FHZ. No offense, but I could take whatever I bought to somebody else with a lathe and with more experience.

Pics of your stuff?

(Jesse) #3

I will eventually take pictures. I’m just asking you guys’ opinions. Another thing I could eventually sell, (not yet) would be a little jig to begin recessing yo-yos without needing a lathe. I could put a cheap little dremel in maybe, would people be interested in that?

(JM) #4

This might be an interesting prospect for you. How about I send you mosquito, and you recess it for me for $10, including shipping back to me. If you do a nice clean job, you’ll get about 10 of them to do from me, which we can talk about the cost of later?

This way I you can have user verified pics of your job! PM me and tell me what you think.


Good plan!


If you had a Lathe and JM says you do great recesses then I would also do it. With a drill…

My “Local” Modder does $2.50 a side, when you aren’t very well known I’d lower the price a little.

(Jesse) #7

I use a dremel, the bottom of the recess is not that flat but that doesn’t really matter does it? The silicone stays in.


does your local modder use a lathe?

I love my lathe! I’m going to be starting a new project soon. I’m going to make a custom looper out of bathroom sink faucet handles!


That just sounds awesome.