FHZ for 1A?

Tell me how it plays?
(When it is Silicone recess played in 1A)

It’s an amazing player after it’s been silicone recessed, but it’s a little light IMO. You may want to take a pair of FH2 weight rings and put them in there. Helps a LOT.


If done well can play up to any metals level. You can get some weight rings of sorts and it will work even better.

Works great for 1a and 5a.

I love mine. :smiley:
The silicone really helps.

You cannot go wrong with a Sili Recessed Freehand!



Is the recessing process something you should attempt yourself or should you have an experienced modder do it? Is it difficult? It seems like modded FHZ’s go on BST’s for almost double price.

Well, if you don’t mind possibly messing it up, you can do it yourself if you get it set up correctly. (Yoyo in lathe/drill and spinning. Then take something to carve the groove, such as a jeweler’s screwdriver, and recess.) If you live near an experienced modder, maybe they could help you with it because after all, they had to start somewhere. I doubt it’s all that difficult.

Also, the modded ones that go for much more often are done by very experiences modders that do very good work.

The Modder doesn’t have to live close to you. I’m in Oklahoma and I’ve modded yo’s from Japan, Canada and one or two in the Czech Republic. Postage isn’t that expensive.

Yeah, but I mean he could do it himself and if an experienced modder lives close to him, he could help iHateMATT out with it so that he can know what he’s doing if he wants to do it again. Basically, the experienced one could “tutor” iHateMATT for the first one. See what I mean?

place weight rings inside and make some metal rings

I’ve seen in YYN, Duncan FHZ, then in the bottom right of the box, it has a “Made in China” in it!

-Is it original or not?
-You know china, Low price, But in the First use…Boom!, Broken!