How much $

How much money should I charge for mods? I don’t mean to be greedy but silicone, sandpaper, and paint cost money. Also it takes up my time. At my school I do mods and diagnostics for yoyos. so far I’ve fixed 2 yoyos and modded 2. Both mods included removing sharpie :-\ and one was the whole package. so i’m asking for the yoyo communitie’s advice on the following things.

  1. Paint removal.
  2. siliconing
  3. silicone recessing
  4. Painting
  5. sanding
  6. bearing cleaning
  7. strings
    I will make the first mod free and diagnostics are free. (when i say that I mean fixing it without major surgery.)


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Charge what you like and adjust from there. If people don’t like your prices they will tell you.

Maybe start like this:
5$ for first mod job. Whether it’s painting, sanding, whatever.
2$ For any additional job on the same yoyo.
4$ for return shipping. It won’t cover the whole cost of shipping priority, but it’ll come close, and it’s pretty fair.

Oh I won’t ship. Its at my school.
hows this;

paint removal=$1.50
bearing cleaning=50¢
string=5 for $2

Plasticmod(package of silicon sanding cleaning painting or paint removal and recessing)=$5

Seems like some pretty reasonable prices.

I might charge a bit more for recesses though. That’s a dangerous mod and you may want to build up funds in case you botch a yoyo. That way you can pay them back.

no he means when you attach it to a drill and hollow a recess into a starburst. VERY good idea Q. Very good.