Silcone and Satining Business

Me and my friend silconed our yoyos today and we are good silconers so we thinked about making our on silconing business silcone both yoyo sides with be $4 one side is $2 and satining it will be $10 or $5 dollars so contact me if you want to get silconed or satined

I would support you but to be real so many people do it that your not gonna be doing much jobs now if you did more things that most modders dont do.

Are you talking about silicone recessing? Most people could just buy K Pads for the price you’re charging.

DUDE!! Lower your prices! Maybe $.75 for Sillicone and $2 for Satin.

Be realistic. Sillicone is about $5 a tube and sandpaper to satin about $3.

For that price most people will not do buisness with you.

What you’re not looking at is people who are putting a price on their time.

For example, it’s within my best interest to learn to silicone using flowable silicone, but I’ve decided that I really don’t want to waste 24 hours before I get my yoyo back. There’s also plenty of other things I might want to do, but have determined it’s more cost effective to send it off and have it done by someone else.

Return shipping may be included in those prices for all I know.

Free enterprise. It’s the great equalizer.

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uhh… the whole not wanting to wait 24 hours thing doesn’t really make much sense. Because sending it off to them and having them silicone it will take probably about a week to get it back to you at the least. you have to ship it, 2-3 days on average, they silicone it and wait 24 hours, send it back, and that’s another 2-3 days. include week ends, and it’ll probably take about a week and a half to get it back.

not to be rude, but there are a lot of other, well known and trusted modders that do these same services.
all of those guys do mod work.

and really, satining and applying flowable silicone is easy and pretty cheap. I’d probably just charge the cost of shipping. you can get a tube of silicone at a 99 cent store, and that’ll last for several silicone jobs. same with sand paper.

But if you really want to try to sell your services, I’d post up some pics of your work.

If I were to silicone my yoyo myself, I’d have to wait 24 hours before I get it back. That means I’d have to wait a full day before I was able to use it again, or get it back in my hands. I thought I was clear on that, but perhaps my word choices weren’t as clear as I would have preferred them to be.

However, yeah, I do agree about if I have to send it off. Looking at a minimum of a week, more like 10 days realistically. Right now I’m stocked up on pads so I don’t need to run out and get flowable silicone.

i cant wait to get my lathe, then i will be able to call my self a modder. But you guy just think of other ways to do other mods

I do most my mods on a drill.

Good luck with your new endeavor.
Everyone starts out somewhere.

So the person modding Duncans with a drill is what ??
Simply purchasing a lathe will not make you a modder, by the same token one can be a yoyo modder without a lathe.
There’s a lot too learning how too use a lathe well, getting the lathe is definitely a great start, but there is a lot more to it than just the purchase, or acquisition.
Good luck Joe.

Reminds me of stuff in the music industry:

Noob who can’t even run a console, mixer or instrument, goes out and plops down big dollars on a ProTools system(at least an 002 or 003). Now they are suddenly a producer and a record company.

Give someone a rope, now they wanna be a cowboy!