silicone o-rings

Both of mine on my DMII have broken and it has only been 2 weeks!

I can’t even wind it up because they are broken. I was tricking along, and then my o-rings drop to the floor ripped and now i have to get more o rings… and buy something with it cuz 5 bucks shipping is 2 much to pay for o-rings.

whoa man calm down it isn’t the end of the world, what you could do is look up some tutorials for how to silicone your yoyo, and then go to your local autozone or autoshop supply store and get yourself some rtv solicone if not then flowable silicone from home depot.

sorry bout teh rant. I went on chat and someone told me just what you told me. I’m about to head out now ;D

RTV heat resistant flowable silicone. I read that color doesent matter. Currently available in red, blue and black :smiley:


Head to the hardware store. They have o-rings in the plumbing department. some are even silicone.

rather than pay the $5 for shipping, Call YYE and order on the phone. There is other options you can get only by phone, such as sending in an envelope, saving you $3.50.

Can you do the same with a bottle of thin lube :stuck_out_tongue:

That question really needs to be addressed to the store itself.
No one other than Andre is qualified to answer that.

lol i went out and bought flowable silicone before you guys posted :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re so proud of you. :slight_smile:

Do I really need to wait 24 hours before I can yo-yo again??? Maybe next time I order something from YYE I should get a new breed or something. Cuz all I have is a cheap dollerstore transaxle and a DMII. And when siliconing the DMII I have nothing to do :o

In most cases people are going to tell you that you need to wait 24 hours for your new response silicone to fully cure but I can tell you speaking from experience, when I RTV or Flow groove my yoyos I let them cure for 4-6 hours and they are fine. Just saying, you don’t HAVE to wait the full 24 hours.

It never hurts to have a couple of them around.
You can never have too many. :wink:

I usually silicone it around night time before I go to sleep and play it in the morning. Hahaha no waiting. Do that instead of doing it in the middle of the day.

I made the sili a bit high and it is really resonsive. not looping responsive but just responsive. will the sili wear down over time? if yes how long if i play like 3 hrs a day??

Yes it will. It can take time to grind it away, but you can slightly speed up the process by just throwing long sleepers.

Lindy loops and similar tricks with many wraps will help break it in.

wow… thanks guys. I have 2 mods posting here :o lol how long till icthus is here? sorry I have to bother you with my noobishness

I am absolutely new to yoyo-ing and yoyo stuff so maybe I will ask a stupid question,but I really need to know the answer:
Can I replace white silicone o-rings with black rubber o-rings or red silicone o-rings and vice versa?
It’s a crucial matter for me since I’m going to pick a new yoyo.
Needless to say,this is a great forum and I learned a lot.
Thank you for answers.

Yes you can, but they will stand a bit proud above the surface. You could insert them and then trim them flush with an xacto knife or razor blade.

On the other hand, if you’re buying a new yoyo, pop the extra $$ to get some extra stock o-rings. maybe get a couple of pairs. They last a long time.

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