I really don’t know that my father is one of the suppliers of Adhesives/Silicone/Abrasives here in my country (Philippines)

And he also supply Versachem, The one that is sold in YYN


Its 4$ right?, But here it’s only 2.50$ I think?

But take a look! (I only bought this one because they’re is “RTV Black Silicone in the Package”, so that It would be sure.)

Its so cheap right? A dollar for a tube of Silicone?, That’s great!

So, If my Speedmaker is arrive (Middle of August), Is it ok to remove the o-ring then Recess it with the silicone that I’ve bought?

Or in my Dream Hitman? :D, Will it have also tight binds if I remove the other O-ring and Pour that silicone in the groove?, So now if I Do that, It will be/The Response will be Half O-ring & Half Silicone.

Is it ok to do that In those two Yo-yo’s?

yea it would be good but on the hitman if one half has oring it will be rubbing more on the oring wich shouldnt be a problem i just wanted to point that out

It will be fine to do it to your yoyos!

But I’m not so sure about black, I’ll reseach it

Hey gm user, Does the silicone color matter?, So different color, different effect/uses?

I think some have different strenths or something, but of course, I am not sure, I just don’t want to say it is ok then find out you messed up your yoyo.

Is this video exactly do when silicone Recessing a yo-yo?


After pouring down the Silicone in the Groove, Remove the excess then leave it after 4 hours?

Leave it for 24 hours.

But yeah, make sure you remove the excess.

whoa i was looking at the pic and 2.50 cents is 47.50 in the philipines


1$ → 47-48 Php

ohh so like if i win 100 dollars and come back here to santa ana its just 2 dollars ill be very sad :’(
thats sort of good and bad at the same time

As long as its SILICONE then it shouldn’t really matter. Some have a different feel to them. Like the RTV high temp will cure a little harder than flowable. It will last longer and have tight binds but it won’t be grippy. I use either Red RTV, Black RTV oro Copper RTV. Copper is my favorite.

A little off topic but, P 47.75 = $1? That’s crazy.

i know i was like whoa

Dude, $1 = 95 Yapenese Yen.

I know it was something around that, what I was wowing is that P 0.01 is worth $0.0002 if I did my math correct. It’s interesting to see a denomination that far below the value of a penny. It’s an ignorant thing to say, but interesting none the less.

Conversion from Yen to Php is easy.

Example: 1 Million Yen
500,000 Php I think.