satining 8 dollars (includs shipping back)


I satined my 888 im going to start satining yoyo for 8 $ here is how they will look if you want this done for 15 dollars that includs shipping back to you. if your interested t then shoot me a pm.


Not to bad there. Looks good.


Take a picture not spinning, let’s see how good it really looks.

Also, $15? that’s way high for just satin.



what do u think the price should be then


I don’t get it what does it do, and what do you do


looks pretty nice…

I’m not sure how many people are willing to spend $15 to satin a yo-yo, but good luck.



i recomend you do it for 6-5 dollars satin thats how i do it at school im making boatloads of cash(5 for basic satining, 6 for mirror polish, 7 for deluxe gloss finish the 7 dollar one comes with cleaning cloth) ;D ;D
thats how i always did it just my opinion
i will later do this job on the forum


yes but this is plus shipping back witch is like 8 dollars


not if u use usps 5dollar 2-3 day shipping


is that all it cost

(yoyo jake) #11

he satined my bully and it looks like… wow i cant explain it

(Justin the JeeJaw) #12

Any pakage deal?


what do u mean by package deal it comes in the regular usps box


What he meant was do you have any deals for doing multiple yo-yos?


i gues i could do 2 for like 12-18

(Justin the JeeJaw) #16

Hey I might be interested in you doing the satin for my stardust. But the axle is stuck and it wont come out of the one side can you still satin it?


when i put it in my dremel i can take it out no problom