can anyone polish a yoyo for me then satin it. how much would it cost

Yoyospirit (you can click that) can do it. :slight_smile:

Why polish then satin? No need to polish it if you are going to satin it…

Yeah, I thought that was weird too…

And I can do satins or polishes. So can the guy above me :wink:

im new to all this crap


So you’re new, you can only bump once a day.

So am I my man. Just making a funny. Are you more interested in a satin or polish?

You can even have it blasted. Like the pics below.

It’s all cool. Satining is VERY easy to do. It requires a drill, lathe or other spinning thing, 150 grit sandpaper and about 10 minutes. Polishing is a lot more work intensive and requires everything listed above, plus higher grits of sandpaper and polishing compound.