who can satin my 5star?

so right now, my 5star has seen better days. days where it wasn’t dinged, where it had an axle, where i could replace the silicone stickers… those days have ended.

i need to send it to get satined. then i will posibly send it to england1414 or something and get a new look for it. then i will buy silicone stickers and a new axle, and maybe a bearing while i am at it.


i need a trust worthy modder that would satin my 5star.

second is just stuff about vendetta. i have seen his work and i am impressed. i am thinking army themed. maybe 5 lasered stars around the middle or on the edges with camo splash backround. how much would that cost.

lastly, what axles on the nation work for 5stars. same goes for silicone stickers. i asked Ernie about the axle and he said “it is a 8-32 set screw 3/8 long.” i dont exactly know what that means.

just need to make sure that satining will get out the dings in it so it will look nice when anno’d

this is my summer project. what do you think?

i think you should send it to someone who knows what theyre doing and get it done right rather than risk ruining a great yoyo

Vendetta isn’t anodizing at the moment

i thought he was, but he was taking fewer yoyos.

give a homeless man a fish and he can eat for a day. teach a homeless man to fish and he can eat forever.
besides, i am not trying to make the satining look nice, just to get out the dings so it is smooth for the ano process.

Anodizing will not cover up any defects in the yo-yo, especially an ugly satin job. It will end up accentuating those defects. I would highly suggest not trying to do your first satin on a 5 Star. Send it to someone and get it done the right way.

fine then… but i still need a link to vendetta’s site, know what axle and sili-sticker to get, and now a trustworthy satining modder.

Vendetta isn’t taking jobs.

There’s a long wait if you want something done by him.

Try this guy:


Here is his site any away http://www.notfailanodizing.com/information/

Vendetta is not taking work except for special occasion such as his friend’s request.
And he doesn’t laser engrave.

tattoo/ lazer engrave. reaches a similar end point as far as i know. i dont know much though.

and i found another anodizer. just need a modder to satin it and i need to know the response and axle size.

Ask mrcjna ive seen his satin jobs and theyre amazing ( and i mean the best ive evere seen)