OK, would this be possible?

Before I sound like an idiot let me say I have no idea how this process works or what is required for it to be a success. That being said, here goes:

I have this old dv888 laying around. It has a partial (and pretty horrible) satin job but it still plays pretty well with minimal vibe. It has a few nicks and dings around the rims, some that can be felt in hand on and on grinds. Would it be possible to give it a fresh start and re-anodize it? Does the partial satin make it out of the question?

If so, any of you handymen do custom ano jobs? If so, PM me and we’ll talk. =)

Thanks guys.

I’m not sure if you can re-ano a yoyo that’s only partially satined. Just satin it youself, and you can send it in to http://www.notfailanodizing.com/
they seem pretty reasonably for an ano job.

It’s really really easy to satin. I did it pretty well on my first try with my 888. If you want I can find a video tutorial on how to do it. All you do is put the yoyo in a drill, and take sand paper to it. What I did was took 80 grit, 120 grit, 220 grit, 400, then finished it off with 600.
The higher the grit, the brighter the shine. you really only need like 220 for a nice grinding surface though. By 220 all the ano was off, and I was just making it shinier with 400 and 600.

*Edit: Nevermind, Justin retired from anodizing. so send it to someone other than notfailanodizing.com.

it will need to be fully stripped.

Thanks buds, great information and resources. Appreciate the help!

an ano job on a dv 888 would cost just about the same as the yoyo cost. but sure it would be possible. For an ano job you should chemically strip it. smooth out your dings howdynikus described. Ano will still take. but it’s not cheap to get custom ano done.

yeah, it’s about 30 bucks minimal.
I’m thinking of getting my satined 888 anoed though.
Has anyone done it before? because I wanted to know how you show them what you want on it. do you just draw a picture of what? I wanted to get some specific designs put on it.

I haven’t but if you wanted certain designs I’m sure you would have to supply reference material. Get in touch with Vendetta or Jason Wong. Idk if Jason does stuff like that but Vendetta does. but…idk if vendetta is stilling doing ano jobs or not.

turns out he retired from anodizing. I sent jason a message, though.
Do you know of anyone else who does custom anodizing? I know brett paints, but it’s also like $100+ for custom work.