Hey It's Me, I'm Back Again (ANODIZING)

Hey guys! Been a while since I’ve been in this forum. For those of you that dont remember, I did custom anodize jobs back in the day and I hear there may be a few of you that have yo-yos that need a new skin!

I’m just gauging interest here and if there isn’t enough I won’t bother, BUT, if you have a yo-yo you want anodized, please let me know in the comments or as a PM and I’ll see if its enough to get my setup going again! For those of you that haven’t seen my previous work, check out my old thread below! (Pricing would be on average $10-$20 higher as my setup and services are a biiiiit higher quality than they used to be)



I have a code 1 and a proto avant garde I’d be interested in getting done in the near future


I’ve got a raw 7075 that I would like done


Added pricing!

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I’ve got a raw throw I’ve been wanting to get anodized!

I remember you! Welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:


Got some test anodizes done and they turned out great! BUT they were done with 5 year old supplies and I dont want to risk any unnecessary flaws in your guys’s yo-yos due to old chemicals. I’ll be making an order here soon and once it all gets in, I’ll do a few test runs with the new setup and then officially be taking names for anno’s!

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any pictures?

They were on bars of aluminum this time, nothing post worthy. Just testing out a few processes to see what needs replacement in my setup.

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Ah ok! you should post pictures of the process next time you do this! it’d be awesome to see how it works!

Google is your friend…


Welcome back, man!!!

Maybe you could post some pictures of your final product? the clear, solid, slash, or mixed colors…


Will do once I get it all ready to go! :slight_smile: Can’t wait!

Unfortunately, I am about 2 hours away from the family farm (which is where my setup is) and I would likely have to have about 10 yo-yos lined up and in my hands before heading down to get them all anno’ed up. I’ll start making lists here soon in the next week or so to get people in line to give their yo-yo some style.

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I would like to get a Rain City Skills Author done.

I realise this may be a stupid question, but are you in the UK?

Not stupid at all! :slight_smile: My username is England1414 after all!

I am actually in the U.S though. My name is Britton, so England has been a nickname of mine for quite a while.


PMd :slight_smile:

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Just thought I’d say, that @England1414 did a great job polishing my yoyo and the whole transaction was very professional and the end product was excellent.