"Flawed" Anodizing: Accepting Commission: Newish Format

Well after much time practicing and anodizing my own yoyos I think it’s time to share my hobby with the community. I have done plenty of my yoyos and have worked out most of my flaws. Anodizing is a flawed process and is difficult to make perfect. So be aware that my anodizing isn’t perfect but I have done my best to cut out any flaws and with every anodize I do I get better and better. I’m at the point where I feel that I can now attempt to put some beautiful color on another persons yoyo.

Below I will list the techniques I can do and the price for it. I would only like to anodize for someone who is in the United States.

For payment I very much prefer paypal but would posssibly accept another form of payment.

Now unlike others I’m deciding to do my anodizing in a different way. I’m going to do random anodizing. Now I bet your wondering what that is and you will find out now.

Random anodizing is where you make an order for a custom ano job and you pick a technique and the actualy colors and creativity. Now if there are colors you are not fond of you would let me know and I would avoid that color(s). I just find it easier this way for me to cut out flaws. If you dont like this way we may be able to work something out.


Single color-Which means the entire yoyo uses the same color dye (can be different shades ie. Light green/dark green) $20 plus $5 for shipping
Two color- each half is a different solid color. $25 plus $5 shipping
Fade- $30 plus $5 for shipping
Splash- This includes a single color splash with a solid color base. This is probably the most labor intensive and it looks great but takes the longest. $35 plus $5 for shipping
Acid wash- one color acid wash that I’ve done most often. $30 plus $5 for shipping
Splash over Acid wash- This is a single color and is shown on the skyline half below. $35 plus $5 for shipping
Speckle- I have not done this yet but I can probably do it. $30 plus $5 for shipping

Now I bet your wondering if i strip anodization as well. The answer is Yes! However it is a very very labor intensive process and takes a bunch of time. So if you want to get an already anodized yoyo stripped and anodized then it will be an additional $15 on top of the ano cost. I think that is a fair price for that and most anodizers wont strip at all.

When shipping to me:
Send a paper with return address, the anodizing technique you want, any colors you don’t like

Here are some pics to show some of the above techniques:

Link to my flickr with more pictures of these and other throws.
Two-color Acid Wash:

Splash over Acid Wash:

Dual Single color Acid Wash:

Acid Wash:

Another Acid Wash:

Acid washed splash:

As of right now I only have two slots for a custom Anodize. This between both forums so first to get to me and solidify a transaction gets the slot. I will be opening more spots as time allows me to.


If interested please message me and we can discuss details :slight_smile:

If I sent a stock metal zero v 2 would you charge for the stripping? I think it’s polished on the outside but on the inner hub I don’t know how it’s colored.

Pretty sure that’s anodized so I would have to strip it

I would charge but not as much seeing as its only the hub area


Who wants some color on their raw yoyo :slight_smile:



Still open slots




Semi-interested, but I might not drop the cash just yet.

If your interested pm me and we can discuss something. I don’t really charge that much. But if anyone is interested just pm me and we can work something out