For Sale! Anodizing Services 2013!

Hey everyone! I know a lot of people have been waiting for me to open up to anodizing, and so have I! Finally got some tests done on my setup and I’m ready for custom anodizes! ill take 5 jobs at a time so I dont overload myself, but you can always PM me and ill put you next in line so you dont have to wait longer than necessary! Basic cost list for certain anodize designs is below, there may be more specific ones which will cost more or less depending on their complexity.


Colors I offer currently
Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent Pink
Many shades can be obtained by varying dye times, so dont be scared to ask about a certain shade!

Clear Anodize - $20 + $5 for return shipping
Single Color or Two color (ex. one half red one half blue) - $30 + $5 for return shipping
Fade or Two-tone - $30 + $5 for return shipping
Splash, Drizzle, Speckle or any single color variation of the previous - $35 + $5 for return shipping
Two Color Splash or combination of two designs on the line above - $35 + $5 for return shipping
Acid Speckle - $30 + $5 for return shipping (do not do black or blue acid washes yet, sorry.)
Acid Wash - $30 + $5 for return shipping (do not do black or blue acid washes yet, sorry.)
Fade Reverse Splash $45 + $5 for return shipping
Tatooing - 5 dollars per different tattoo design plus coloring costs stated above

SLOTS LEFT OPEN… Keep in mind that there are many interested customers but only these have fully committed and set a date, this list is for the “for sure people”.

Batch #1

  1. mullicabob
  2. yomartyo
  3. slowyojoe
    4. aironish
    5. irdaprez

Batch #2

  1. mxh6229
  2. tjz1021
  3. mullicabob
  4. mullicabob
  5. irdaprez

Batch #3

  1. jetctchicken
  2. WAT-AAH
  3. baerinatux
  4. Alan_Grim
  5. dingo54

Batch #4

  1. slowyojoe
  2. Qpotter
  3. Quickie Silver
  4. Feruvox
  5. OPEN

If slots are all filled, still feel free to PM me if you are interested, I will get your name down on the first open slot for an anodize :slight_smile:

Please include a piece of paper with your username, desired design, and return address inside the package when mailing.

[u]Also make sure the yo-yo is in the condition that you want it to be anodized in when mailing, scuffs will show up under anodize, as well as dings and various other metal flaws.

[/u] I take paypal sent as a gift and cash (wrapped in paper for security) as payment as well.

Photos of some of my past work can be found here:


Quince Quickmate for mullicabob

Galaxy Acid Wash Superstar Tester yo-yo for mullicabob

Simply Awesome KLR for mullicabob

Spring Green E1NS for irdaprez

Pokeball Marmot for tjz1021

Simply Awesome Gnarwhal for tjz1021

Speckled Majesty for mullicabob

Skywalker for mxh6229

Skychaser for mxh6229

Overdrive for mxh6229

something YYR with a gunmetal finish for mullicabob

Torrent 2 for irdaprez

Agape for irdaprez

Special Sasquatch for irdaprez

Maple Drip Bassalope for Aironish

Sage Colored Triton for yomartyo

Aurora Borealis Z-On for “slowyojoe”


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got tons of customers!

bump! new anodize design for sale!

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what is a tatoo design? I thought it was spelled tattoo?

new anodizes!

new anodizes!!

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