Jasonwongzero's "Loaded YoYos" -= Anodizing slots filled!=-

Please note that I am not answering any technical questions about anodizing. It’s a dangerous, difficult and expensive process. Please don’t ask me.


Anodizing slots are filled! Please check back later!

[s]I am taking on a very limited number of custom ano jobs. The following options are available and include return shipping:

  1. Loaded Special $60: If you are open minded about your yoyo finish, choose the “Loaded Special”. The way this works, you specify two or three things you don’t want me to do and leave all the other decisions up to me. You might say, “I hate pink and red and no dots please.” and I’ll take it from there. Most people I’ve ano’d for so far have given me a lot of freedom to ano and it usually ends up looking better because I know my colors and and what works well together. In addition , it’s also a great surprise opening up the package! :slight_smile:

  2. You specify a two color custom job $65:

  • Splatter (Thin/thick)
  • Splotches
  • Fade
  • Speckles
  • Acid wash
  • Maple drip rims
  • Solid half and half
  • Color inverse of any of the above
  1. Fancier finishes. $TBD: Available on request but cost more depending on time/precision required. Please inquire on the following:
  • Skittles Splash
  • Tricolor or more Splash
  • Spots + Splatter
  • Brush painting
  • Splash on Acid wash
  • Custom Tatoos

YoYos must be perfectly raw and clean. Polished or beadblasted is fine. If you need to get a yoyo stripped, please seek out one of the other excellent modders on the forums. Any flaws in stripping will be obvious after anodizing. Also note, anodizing in and of itself is an imperfect process and small flaws may be present in your work. That said, the photos below are representative of what I feel are good, repeatable results of my work. Anodizing turnaround time is two to three weeks, but usually shorter.

I take paypal (strongly preferred), check, cashier’s check and money order. I can ship international for extra. While I have taken trade in yoyos for ano work, my preference is for cash. If you offer a trade, it must be an in demand CLYW, VSNYYC, General Yo, Spyy, Supernova, Severe, etc. Condition not too important. Trades will be in my favor, compared to cash.


  1. Inkbot
  2. Oldedges
  3. Islanders888
  4. DMZ
  5. redyoyos

Examples of my anodizing work are below. If you’d like to get on the list, please message me with the yoyo you want anodized in the subject line and which finish you’d like me to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!



“Stars on Mars” Werrd 4XL

“Ironman Skywalker”

“Purple Haze Punchline”

“Sunshine Bassalope”

“Rasta 888x”

“Pink Panther Groovy Lady”

“Clareview Station Torrent”

“Permafrost Avalanche”

“Lupine BearVsMan”

“Skittles Splahed Marmot”

Rasta 888 traded, Magnum available.

AHHHHH thanks for the peak ;D free bumpeh for an awesome guy and annodizer

Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it. :slight_smile: Bump!

good luck