Anodizing Again!!!! 3 more slots open! Better reserve your spot while you can!

Got my anodizing all setup!! heres a few of the things ive done so far, if you’re interested, shoot me a PM for custom anodizing! NEW ANODIZES!

Basic cost list for certain anodize designs is below, there bay be more specific ones which will cost more or less depending on their complexity. YO-YOS MUST BE RAW BEFORE SENDING TO ME FOR ANODIZING

Clear Anodize - $10 + $6 for return shipping
Single Color or Two color (ex. one half red one half blue) - $20 + $6 for return shipping
Fade or Two-tone - $25 + $6 for return shipping
Splash, Drizzle, Speckle or any single color variation of the previous - $25 + $6 for return shipping
Two Color Splash or combination of two designs on the line above - $30 + $6 for return shipping
Rainbow - $30 + $6 for return shipping
Fade Reverse Splash $30 + $6 for return shipping
Tatooing - In the works, will cost 5 dollars per different tattoo design plus coloring costs stated above (ex. if there are two stickers that say the same thing, the cost is still the same, but if there are two different ones, cost will be twice that)

SLOTS LEFT OPEN (keep in mind that there are many interested customers but no one has fully committed and set a date yet, this list is for the “for sure people”)

  1. lagg
  2. Proboscis

Please include a piece of paper with your username, desired design, and return address inside the package when mailing. Also make sure the yo-yo is in the condition that you want it to be anodized in when mailing, scuffs will show up under anodize, as well as dings and various other metal flaws.

Flourescent Yellow Supernova (Personal Collection)

Reverse Splash Catalyst for Proboscis

Personal Supernova

Monster Green 888 for Pillowite

Blue With Green Splash GM2 for pollowite

Splatter Speckle Supernova

Blue with Green Speckle Axiom for Purpleputtomus!

Red White Blue Fade Arctic Circle for like125cats!

VsNewton Skywalker Red Double Polished Splash for maranellokid

Another Knife Handle - Gold with Blue speckle

Blue with Yellow Splash Flashlight body ( rubber cement wasn’t totally removed)

This is a fade reverse splash Supernova

Rainbow SPR kit - if done on a full size yo-yo, it will be cleaner and more crisp for sure

Blue green yellow fade Sasquatch

Red with white splash Burnside

Pink Agape

Red Knife Handle

Pink and Yellow Scrap Aluminum

Sick!!! I’m hoping to get something blasted soon, so you can ano it

I’m just wondering how do you prep it for the anodization, because i read somewhere that you had to chemically strip it to reanodize but every one says to use sandpaper when stripping.


Do you still anodize?

Of course he does. He’s really shown me that he’s pretty darn good at it too.

What are the prices?

Just wondering. :smiley:

Also is this true?

How much will it cost for a dv888 or a 888x popstar ect.

Do I need to polish a raw yoyo before sending it in?

If you want a shiny ano…

awnser my pm!!!

Great job on the anno, and just curious you ever tried a fade that went from bearing seat to edge, not straight across the yoyo?
Sorry if thats not clear, wasn’t quite sure how to word it.

updates added!


What’s a clear anodize?

I believe a clear anodize is just clear, shows the metal underneath, probably looks sweet.

No dyes, right?

new anodizes

dat supernova

That’s my Axiom!!! ;D

psssssst, thats an arctic circle