England1414 Anodizing - HUGE Anodize update! 6/22/14


Hey everyone! I’m back for the summer and open to anodizing!

Send me a message if you’re interested and please read the list of things I would ask you to do before sending the yo-yo or thing to be anodized off to me.

Note: I cannot be held responsible for any vibe caused by the anodizing process, it is flawed by nature and is never perfect.
Also, please do not try to strip your yo-yos with greased lightning or any home-brew type stripper, it makes a truly awful finish and I will ask you if you want an awful looking anodize by leaving it, or if you would like me to strip it professionally for $15. Thank you!

Hey everyone! So I’m back anodizing full time again for the summer! Basic cost list for certain (non bulk) anodize designs is below, there may be more specific ones which will cost more or less depending on their complexity. Also, Due to my preferences of taking my time with yo-yos and making them as artistic as possible, I do not offer anodizing to companies in mass numbers. Thank you!

Checklist to complete before shipping off to me

[b]1. Yo-yos Must be raw and clean (i.e. using lye or greased lightning to strip the old anodize off will make the anodize look terrible and I will notify you of that when I get it.

  1. Please do not send the axle or bearing with the yo-yos, they tend to be switched up from time to time, plus less small parts to keep track of for everyone. Thank you! :slight_smile:

  2. Please send a written copy of what you would like done on the yo-yo as well as a return address for me to send the yo-yo back to

  3. Please confirm payment method before shipping off, however, I do not require payment until anodize is done and before being shipped off. [/b]

Colors I offer currently
Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent Pink
Many shades can be obtained by varying dye times, so dont be scared to ask about a certain shade!

-Clear Anodize - $20 + $5 for return shipping

-Single Color or Two color (ex. one half red one half blue) - $30 + $5 for return shipping

-Fade or Two-tone - $30 + $5 for return shipping

-Splash, Drizzle, Speckle or any single color variation of the previous - $35 + $5 for return shipping

-Two Color Splash or combination of two designs on the line above - $40 + $5 for return shipping

-Acid Speckle - $30 + $5 for return shipping (do not do black or blue acid washes yet, sorry.)

-Acid Wash - $30 + $5 for return shipping (do not do black or blue acid washes yet, sorry.)

-Fade Reverse Splash $45 + $5 for return shipping

  • Splash with Acid Wash $40 + $5 for return shipping

Photos of some of my past work can be found here:



7075 Aluminum

Big batch of Capricorns for Tropic Spins Yo-yo Company! Check them out at http://tropicspins.tictail.com/


H5xChief for Justin

Red, Orange, Yellow Fade Splash with Pink base

Red splash and blue acid washes for Niven Sarker

Prototype Yo-yo






Glacier Express

MagiKarp Wolly Marmot!

YYR Red Splash with Acid Wash
Personal Code 1


Superman Supernova!!

Personal Superstar

MVP for Mullicabob

Code 1 for J Slingh 2K

Arctic Circle for J Slingh 2K

CLYW Canvas for irdaprez

Septopus for irdaprez

One Drop Summit for GregP

TRON Puffin for Feruvox!

BYYS Vitality!


Black N’ Yellow Avalanche

Personal Genesis

Bunch of yo-yos!!

Dreadnaught for aznnboyaZ

Large Bearing Bassalope for irdaprez

Lynx for aznnboyaZ

Bassalope for irdaprez

Toxic for xxjohnsonxx

Majesty for aznnboyaZ

Wrath and Glacier Express for irdaprez

E1NS and SB Bassalope for irdaprez

BumbleBee Majesty for N8doggg

Fire and Ice YYR for mxh6229

Solaris for N8dogg

Canvas for Throwrw

DNA for Noonar

Majesty for Feruvox

Code 1 for myself - FOR SALE - $75 - Side effects do not tighten, which im assuming can be fixed, and very little, if any vibe

Custom Code 1 for myself - FOR SALE only if i can find another cheap, near mint, vibe free Code 1 - $95

Simply Awesome Majesty for Feruvox

Arctic Circle for WAH TAH

Septopus for slowyojoe

Halloween Lunarwinds for mullicabob

Confetti Cake Decapod for Mullicabob

My personal Macbook Air bottom cover

Quickmate for mullicabob

Galaxy Acid Wash Superstar Tester yo-yo for mullicabob

Simply Awesome KLR for mullicabob

Spring Green E1NS for irdaprez

Pokeball Marmot for tjz1021

Simply Awesome Gnarwhal for tjz1021

Speckled Majesty for mullicabob

Skywalker for mxh6229

Skychaser for mxh6229

Overdrive for mxh6229

something YYR with a gunmetal finish for mullicabob

Torrent 2 for irdaprez

Agape for irdaprez

Special Sasquatch for irdaprez

Maple Drip Bassalope for Aironish

Sage Colored Triton for yomartyo

Aurora Borealis Z-On for “slowyojoe”




This is excellent. I really need someone I can send my blast customers to for a seal and or color.


Oh yes. Now I just need to get the money to get a pre pro majesty send it to Mullicabob then get it ano ed by you :wink:


Been digging through my polished collection looking for one to send along with a customers.



Which forms of payment do you accept? (Ex. Paypal, cash sent with the yoyo)


How much would half clear half green with purple splash be ? :slight_smile:


Very nice work. I love that red with silver splash!


Starting another list as soon as I can get these 5 people’s order filled

(G2 Jake) #9

England do you know what your build up tolerances are?


New Anodize! Acid wash and speckle!


If my eyes do not deceive me, that looks like the Z-ON I sent you, and that think looks freaking amazing. Sweet sweet job.


getting a big shipment in of yo-yos to anodize! stay tuned


You should do what Mullicabob does. Evertime you finish something post it as a post with the name of the yoyo who its for and what you did. (I.e white splash ano over trans blue ect.)


The bassalope looks like a shark attack!


Triton is saweeeeeetttttttt!


Where’s Mullicabobs? I’m curious to see what he got. DON’T TELL!!!


Can you do something like this?



that’s Aman’s work right?


Yes it is! I think the OG Macrocosm color-way is the best color-way yet. It just looks so appealing.

Fun fact: this is one of the rarest color-ways used on RecRev yoyos.


don’t you mean rebel Yo?