NEW! Cheap mods!

Ok YoYoExpert community. I have been doing some modding for a while and my stuff has turned out pretty good, so I’m going to start doing mods for money, at a very low price. Here’s some pics of my mods:

Amber FHZ with home-made CTW.

Amber FHZ Recess

Panda Recess

Glow painted Journey Side

Glow Painted Journey Profile (with a smexy glow in the dark string, of course)

Dual Recess-$5
Glow Paint (on any clear yoyo)-$5
Home-made CTW-$2

Add $2 to the mod price for shipping and such.

Discounts are both mods for 9 dollars, and a free CTW with the mods for 10 shipped.

Until I can work out paypal, I do checks and money orders by mail. No cash, it’s not safe.

I don’t even know if people are gonna want me to mod their stuff, but hey, it’s worth a shot. And this is meant for the mod section, even though it does list prices.


Another thought, Recess = 5 dollars - Shipping = 5 dollars .

True. But that’s priority. I do first class with a confirmation. So it’s like $2.50 or so.