Will Recess yoyos

3yo3 will recess your yyjs/duncans/difeyos/etc. Pricing looks like this
10 per plastic
15 per metal
5 for shipping
prices go DOWN the more yoyos I do. So if you send atleast 3, I’ll take off 3 dollars, making it
7 per plastic
12 per metal For quantities of 3 or more. You can have any combination of yoyos to get to 3 (example: 1 FHZ, 1 YYJ Projam, 1 Dif-e-Yo GTO), and will still get the 3 dollar off deal. It’s just much easier to do these in bulk as the vast majority of time is silicone set up & tooling set up. PM me if you’re interested.

Ooo cool. 3yo3? Did you get that from 3oh3? ;D

Nah- it is musically related though, named after this

the roland tb-303

Oh awesome. Man I bet anything your company is gonna take off. Great name and great yos.

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Thanks man totally appreciate that!


:)That is awsome! :slight_smile:

where can i find your yoyo website? because i have seen that really unique one called the cosmo on yoyoguy,m and i was wondering where i could find the rest of your designs?

HINT: Look at his signature…