Modded yo-yos

I think it would be cool if YYE sold modded yo-yos like silicone, sticker or painted freehand zeros and other yo-yos like that.

Well who would take the time create all those yoyos?

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Well say you sold modded Freehand Zeros here for $35-$45 and you payed the modder $10 per yo-yo and I’m not sure exactly how much money YYE gets their freehand zeros for but I’m going to assume $10 dollars. That would leave yoyo expert with a profit of somewhere in between $10-$20 and I’m pretty sure there is a modder somewhere who would be willing to mod 40 or so yo-yos for around $400.

I think the whole point of a modded yoyo is to do it yourself…

If you can buy it in a store, it’s just another product for sale. No longer unique.

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True. A modded YYE Edition FHZ sounds cool though (with Duncan’s permission). If you’re looking to mod something specific, I’m sure one post and you’ll find the right person to do it for you. Some of them have great references too.

I think the issue would be ensuring modder’s can keep up with the supply/demand thing or other arrangements for how these are being handled.

I could see it being nice if YYE had 10-50 FHZ’s modified like mine in stock at any given point in time. As far as custom painting, that’s a whole other issue.

I’d do it for 10 bucks a yoyo, personally, I really like recessing FHZs.

And it’s not like YYE would have to keep it in stock constantly i can definitely see how that would be challenging. And maybe not just freehand zeros but maybe like freehand 2s and other Duncan’s.

Unless Andre could contract with someone to reliably supply the product, I think it’s a non-starter.

What about people from the list of trustworthy modders? and a certain website has a page full of modded duncans by the modfather.

And we go back to time. Who has time to mod 50+ FHZ’s? Take a guess on how much time it would take to do a quality and identical job on each and every one.

Not going to happen.

People do have lives out of yo-yoing ya know.

And I personally wouldn’t want to mod yo-yos everyday day. day. day. (Echo)

I’ve actually thought about it. Time is the problem. Then my horrible shipping practices would get in the way.

What if YYE does something like contracts out the modders to get X-amount of modified yoyos. Then, they do a “supplies are limited” type sale once or twice a year(or maybe quarterly). The only issue would be that there would be so many variations that they’d have to be listed and photographed one at a time and need their own gallery.

I’m still not sure it’s a good idea. I’m just throwing out ideas and options that would make it more able to be a possibility.

I think the other large issue here is money. I don’t see how anyone is going to make much profit. e.g: FHZs are bought in bulk, (I’ll use $10 each as a base but I don’t know much about marketing, this number might be well off). I’ll use S42’s 50 YoYo idea here too, so I’ll estimate $25 shipping each way. Meaning $11 spent so far per YoYo. The modder is asking for YoYoSpirit’s $10 a mod, meaning YYE has shed out $21 per YoYo so far. $3 up from the original selling price for the FHZ.

Of course YYE wants to make a minimum of $8 per YoYo since that’s what they would get by selling it stock. That’s 21+8=$29. The modder has made $10, but YYE has made no more than it would with stock FHZs… Not really worth the effort for Andre. (I know it helps out the modder but from a business standpoint it’s not really very appealing).

I didn’t take into account VAT for fear of making things even more complicated. I also haven’t taken into account the risk of damaging the YoYos during the modding and shipping.

Maybe I’m wrong here, I don’t actually know anything about running a business or the numbers involved. Maybe Andre even would make the effort to do it…

…I’m going to stop typing now… xD

Jrod did a number for a certain other store a while back…

I actually got this idea from another store, who never cleans up their pages, And at that store i saw some old takeshi modded and painted freehand zeros selling for $39.99, And i thought it would be cool if yye did something like that.

Takeshi did that for a long time. Some other modders did too. It’s possible if you have the time and drive. People will pay for it because they are (unique).



Cyclontzy is still alive?!