if i made mod kits would any of you be interested?

i was thinking about making a mod service and i would start with one yoyo and then when i made enough profit i would go on to the next  and the next, and i thought i would start out with a kickside becasue i know they are responsive when they are stock and that a lot of beginers pick that (i did) then i figured id go onto the lyn fury, speedmaker and when i could get my hands on a drill press or a lathe, fhz's ect.

i think once i get things set up i would sell kits that were customizable
or people could send them in to me to get modded

for the kickside so far i have the following things set up (but i dont have all of the equipment in stock to sell quite yet)
wieght rings
silicone response(if you buy a kit it would come with a yyj silicone sticker but if you send it in to get modded i could do some reg siliconing if i can find an auto store that sells it)

send ins only
bearing cleaning

other items i would sell
custom DP small parts holders(think of novus)
counter weights(also experimental)
string(i have to perfect a method before i could sell any)

next in line for mods would be a lyn fury if i get enough buyers

THanks ;D ;D ;D for looking guys your input really means a lot to me
also i know that some of these are easy mods that near any one could do but i thought through this and i came up with the answer that some beginers might be intimidated by mods and some dont have the resorces
and i am just making it alot more easy to find it in the same place

thanks (guys and sorry for all of the bad punctuation and spelling but i weas trying to type real fast before i was kicked off of the comp)

I think it would be better if you set up shop first and did some work to display. This sounds like you just want someone’s yo-yo to experiment on, no offense.

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ok i see what your saying but i made this because i wanted to see if i should continue to try some of the things that are experimental
and also if i should even try to make my service work becasue if i dont have very many interested people i think that id be wasting my time

but THANK you very much for the constructive critisism i need alot ;D

Yeah, first do some on your own yoyos and show us what you can do.

And also, if you have a trade count of 0, you should know that some people might doubt or demand that you do all the work and ship it back before they pay. And as the others have said, you will need to do some work of your own first. FHZ’s is a really good way to start. There’s so many different mods you can do on it.

Addment: Keep in mind that shimming, siliconing and bearing cleaning are things that almost everyone do.

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A mod shop is not something you do to make a lot of money. You will only make enough money to keep modding. Tryst me. I’ve been there and am still there. I’ve done so many mods I can even comprehend and I still don’t make money at it. You have to do it for the love of yoyoing and for fun. That is all.

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i understand that and i am totally ok with that
also i know that most people do that but i am just letting begginers have a less intimidating alternative to do it themself and i like to think that i am just making a convinient place for anyone to ge them

i totally understand and i am just in it for the fun and love

Yeah, You need a better reputation if you want to do this.

You’ve asked only questions when it comes to modding, no displays or picture whatsoever.

No offence, but I would send a yoyo to a more trustworthy modder (Evan) than you.


Why thank you :D.

I’d try FHZ first, recess a few of your own (or get some) and then you should try on stuff like Kicksides.

Also, do you have a Lathe? Or any spinning device?

I have modding many times and still don’t feel ready to mod other peoples. I also use a drill…

none taken i understand…

Really, I would be willing to send you one of my yoyos if you had a good reputation with modding.

That reputation is what you need to earn, it takes work, but you can do it.

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