here at BByoyo company

we dont just make yoyos and string we mod and paint
we do reshapes
we do fhz off string mod aka agging rubber rims
and silicone ressesing
and paint
we turn the fhz caps white
8 25 10
we dye now pics this weekend


Post some pictures of your work.

pics please

heres a pic of the fhz 4a modyou can take off the rims and use it for 1a too this has anexternal paint job used on plastics to make them look purdy for the camera and its ressesed note i did not paint the flames on the fhz in the back ground jhigby did not me

That looks really clean; Nice job!


Nice! :slight_smile:

look for the pics about half way down

bumpdated :smiley:

Very cool


When you say “we”…You mean yourself…Correct?And if thats not the case then who else is there?

friends family

i do most of it though

is your family experienced? i honestly wouldnt trust a company that used inexperienced workers and had a high chance of ruining my yoyos.

I wouldnt consider this a company and I would have to agree that I wouldnt want to send my yoyo to someone only to have their friend mod it.

To be honest BB I think you still need to work on your mods before you start doing other peoples stuff, and the golf ball yoyo…quite frankly it looks horrible, I would like to see you perfect it though

i do modding and my dad mom brother friends do dye but i mask it off to do the desigh

@tyler3490 the one i posted pics of was hand cut very slopply and now there done by machine and work well

pics of the new one?

still, are your family and friends educated in dying?

yes they r