Update 5/16/11, Xminus mikeX Mods


Ok, here is a before and after pick of a FHZ I once had painted w/ nail polish and decided to change the colors.

Also, I’m going to start consolidating all of my mods into this thread so I stop taking up forum space ;D



(DanielBG) #3

I like the splash color

(omg idk how to say it :D)

with one word



Another awesome job Mike! and I’m loving my hayabusa, and it’s loving me back :> learning 4A pretty easily with it :smiley:


AWESOME, that’s what I like to hear!


Reminds me of a Mutant DNA

(Mr. Nathan) #7

That’s one lucky yoyo! it looks awesome before and after ;D


Not sure what that looks like, but thanks anyway…I think ;D


thats awesome!!! ;D ;D


Just curious, how did you remove the nail polish?


Nail polish remover


And that didn’t mess up the plastic? Most of the remover I’m familiar with is acetone based.


Nope. It kind of made the plastic a milky white color but after painting it that seemed to go away.


FH2 I recessed and schmooved for bigj122802


You never fail to impress me.


looks awesome and I can’t wait to play it! thanks alot!


All your mods aer amazing! Keep em coming!


Ok, one more for the night and then off to bed! Recessed skeeter with some added love.

(Mi) #19

A m a z i n g. Wide-space for extra emphasis.


Ok, I was going to save this pic until d4rqk0n3 got this because its kind of a surprise but I just love the way this came out, and I felt I had to share. Metallic Perl White w/ a Metallic Aqua