Do you have any "painted" yo-yos?


Saw this come up on Twitter recently :heart_eyes:

I feel like painted yo-yos have never really been much of a thing even back in the plastic era where it was easier to do (I guess because plastic is more tolerant of paints, can have end caps, and you can paint the ‘inside’ of a clear yoyo to see it on both sides), and even less so in the era of cheap metal yo-yos.

Just to highlight a few more, these are of course Higbys (as in hand decorated by the one and only John Higby) …

I guess it makes sense that painting never took off at scale (compared to anodization / splashes) as you can’t automate that, you can’t do a “run” of 100 painted yo-yos without kinda killing the artist in the process :wink:

You could do an automated laser engraving but that’s kinda monochrome-only which isn’t as nice.

Anyways! Do you have any cool painted yo-yos? Have you seen a super awesome painted yo-yo recently anywhere? Share pics!

The Justin Weber long-string signature CHAMELEON!
(Choncworth) #2

I’ve got two painted. Both done by my amazing fiancé.

G2 Warthog, Pirates of the Caribbean themed.
CLYW Yeti, Matterhorn Yeti.

** apologies for the poor photo quality, screenshot and crop from Instagram.


Those are both great but that Yeti!

(ClockMonsterLA) #4

That yoyo should be called the Bumbles…


These are soooo awesome :heart_eyes:


that yeti is so cool.


Oh man. Gotta show off my minusmikes later.


I really want that edge and that yeti. That looks awesome!!

(André Boulay) #9

WOW. Those are amazing!!!

(YoYoStringLab) #10

I have a few.


I have just two. One is a Leviathan that was painted by the owner of Turning Point (or so I’m told).

The other one is a bit more special (to me, anyways). It was originally a 3rd run Wolf Lake Peak that was painted by Brett Grimes, who I believe named it the ‘Boo Peak’. I had always wanted to paint a yoyo as well as give my own take on the classic ‘Peak motif’. These are the results:

Brett Grimes painted Peak:

Stripped of paint:

Repainted by me! The name I gave it isn’t all-ages-appropriate, but it starts with ‘Thunder’:


I also owned another painted Peak at one point. I think it was a commission job by Trevlor?


Tri-force powder coated Peak and BvM.


I like these painted A-RT wooden ones as well


I have this painted entheos from Brett Grimes. It’s chipping a bit but I don’t play it anymore to try and preserve it.


I have pretty much that exact ethenos from Brett as well.
Mine is still unscathed and I was going to list it here soon.


Yeah he made a couple if I recall like 5 or so


No yo-yos… but I have shoes :slight_smile:

(ChrisFrancz) #19

Very cool!!!


Reposting this from @exmime via Higby (of course), I love it :heart_eyes: