XminusmikeX Mod's, Update 12/19/11


FHZ I just finished for biggrob10!!!

I call this one “The Sunday Times”

I’ll be posting a B/S/T once I make my next order of FHZ (few weeks at most, so keep an eye out for it)

EDIT Here is a link to some of my past work that I have done: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,19728.0.html


I love it. :open_mouth:
how’d you make it? just paint and a lot of detail?


Um… Wow, Just Um Wow, lol. It’s Amazing, I love Sunday Comics, How funny is that. Great Work Mike, How’s it Play? Smooth I’m sure. Almost looks like a Paper Mache or Clear Coated in, Either way I’m Happy and Can’t wait to play it, Yay Me lol. ;D

(DOGS) #4

Looks like you took newspaper clippings and dipped them in glue a la paper mache, right?

Looks totally bonkers. I might have to send in some of my old comics (of which are doubles), so you can do this for me. I’ll let the idea fester in my mind for a bit.


Ya, I glued the paper in and then clear coated it to seal it all together.

Pat, I was thinking the same thing. I wanted to pick up a few comics and do another one. Let me know if you are down, I would LOVE to do a comic book FHZ.


Mike, I thought nothing could top that color changing FHZ I got from you. Man, this is sick, haha. Good job dude.


A nice Sunday’s Comic Strip one would look nice and I bet the Color of the Sunday Comic’s would stand right out real nice. Actually I bet any type of comics like X Men or Fantastic Four would look nice and Bright. Hey mike I got this stuff thats made for paper and Painting like that. I Bought it when I was Air Brushing my own RC Lexan Bodies, it acted as a glue yet dried clear and protected it when you would paint over it. I think this would be some amazing stuff, I think I’m gonna bust out my Air Brush Equipment and try my hand at Painting YoYos. I’ll try painting them like the Clear Lexan RC Bodies I painted, if you ever tried it you have to lay your colors backwards, meaning you lay your base coat last. I was using a couple different detailing styles too. One being the Liquid Masking, works amazing as long as you follow the instruction, You actually paint the mask on with a paint brush and then do the actual detailing with an Exacto Knife. My favorite Detailing style being the one I think would work amazing for your comic book YoYo, the stuff is called RC Lexan Picture Glue. Here, I’ll let This Site do the explaining and Mike if your gonna be getting into this Type of Detailing on YoYos, I think you should try this stuff.


For now, I stay away from airbrushing because that’s more money I don’t have right now. In time I’ll get some airbrush equipment and start working on some metals too…but for now, I just have to stick with what I can afford :wink:

(Raphael) #9

Very very very very very very very cool

absolutely love the concept, and the idea. Very original, honestly it looks sooo cool


Studio42’s FHZ. Just finished this bad boy up today.


Sweet! It looks absolutely fantastic!

Too bad I can’t have that shipped until the end of the week! If I get it this week, I’ll be trying to throw more than setting up for my gigs Friday and Saturday.

(WildCat23) #12

<<< wants a comic book FHZ. Those FHZ’s look fantastic.


I still have a FHZ for sale so if you want one let me know and we can work it out.


Just some follow-up on the yoyo pictured above. I received it today.

I want to say a few things. First, this weekend I went and got a “regular” FHZ. Blue, yellow caps. you know, factory stock, nothing special. Sort of to A/B. Well, there’s no comparison.

First, this clear FHZ with the custom paint looks a LOT better in person than the pictures can do it justice. Plus, as described, it IS dead unresponsive and SMOOTH and stable. I changed the string and the response is amazing with the silicone recessing. This is what every FHZ wants to be!

When you throw it, the way it spins, the whole inside appears to glow the blue. Both colors could go well alone, but together they are amazing. Plus, since the FHZ is clear and the paint is on the inside, it gives it more depth as well as a hard layer of protection. It almost looks too pretty to throw. But, a yoyo gotta do what a yoyo gotta do, and it plays as good as it looks.

For what he charges, if you DO NOT get one of these, you’re insane! Consider the base retail price, then what he does, it’s the best deal around hands down!


how much does he charge?


Send him a PM regarding his services. Right now, I’m debating contacting him and having a bunch of stuff modified. All Duncans of course, to make them modern. He send me an offer that’s hard to refuse on my stock FHZ.

Then again, something cool and about keeping it “stock” too.

(WildCat23) #17

Not enough.

I’m trying to decide what to get done. Its extremely hard.


I agree. Not enough.

I had the FHZ I ordered painted. He suggested colors after some brief PM’s back and forth, and I have to say I’m pleased with his suggestions. Painting INSIDE the clear plastic means "no scratches, nicks, or cracks EVER!
Both halves are silicone recessed and have shmoove rings.
He also cleaned the bearing.

I’m sure there’s plenty of other options he can do that I haven’t thought of. His work is great. So, yeah, for what you get for the money, he’s turning a very affordable, quality plastic throw into something worth much more than what he charges.

(WildCat23) #19

Modfather charges $40 for just double recess. XminusmikeX does that schmoove rings and a killer paint job for WAY less.


All you have to do is put some paint blobs by the nut/bolt thing then put it in the drill And drill it for a couple seconds, then paint over it with another colour? You should make a video! Unless if you don’t want to spoil your secret…