PENDING! 1 FHZ ready to custom paint!


Ok YYE forum friends, I have 1 clear FHZ in my stash that need some painting love. The FHZ’s will come silicone recessed, the bearing will be clean/dry, and they will be placed back into their original packaging with all of the counterweights. Schmoove rings are optional. Remember, these are BRAND NEW and have never been thrown.

For a review on my work:

Alos these will come with 100% poly NorCal Inspired strings made by our very own Buddy Jim. He sent me a set of his strings, they are great and play great on a FHZ. For a few reviews on his strings:,18580.0.html,19399.0.html

As always, I am selling these for $30 shipped, and please no trades. PM me if you are interested

Below are some pix, but I know most of you have already seen my work  :smiley:


i want one soooo bad. all i have to trade is a legacy and like 10 bucks

(202andrew) #3



Thanks again I will get that big shipment of strings out to you when I can. To every one else if you wanna see more about my strings just click the link above my siggy. :slight_smile:

I just realized my link has already been put at the top of the page. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really want the Black and Blue one!
Have you already gaven that one away yet?
If you havn’t, Ill pay $30 for it.


Ya, that one is gone already. PM me if you want me to make another one for you.


What kind of paint do you use to paint them and how do you paint them?



The paint all depends on what look I’m going for w/ the YoYo. The first one is color shifting paint that is for cars, the rest are acrylic. I’ve used nail polish, model paint, ect, ect. As far as painting them, you just take it apart and paint it.


Ok Thanks for the info and good luck L:)


I still need the money for one! And weren’t you saying in PM’s with me that I could send you a clear FHZ, and then you could silicone and paint it, if I hide the money in there?


Yup, PM me and we can work out all the details


Stunning color depth. Automotive paint, huh? Could you paint match a Blue 2003 Honda Civic Si?


I might be able to pull that off. I’ll see what I can find.


I happened to find a bottle of touch up paint… For that '03 Si color match. I don’t know if shipping paint is legal though.

(yoyo jake) #22

i might get one if my mom pays me enough


Ok, just PM me when you are ready.


I’m confused as to how you paint these :confused:
do you get clear ones and paint the inside?


Do you have to buy two?


orange and blue one is sexy


I might get one. How smooth do they play?