Preview of Yoyolunatic's FHZ

Paint, recess, and some smoove rings! These pix don’t give these colors any justice!

That looks so cool! I want one siliconed and painted from you soooo bad! Looks so, so awesome. I would pay like $40 for that.

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sick paint job, i really need to get myself a clear zero to paint

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How DO you paint a clear FHZ? I might just do it sometime

Take it apart and paint the inside.

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Haha I didn’t think it would be that simple :smiley: Thanks!

You would be shocked how easy it is. I thought the same thing but after I painted my first it was smooth sailn’ from there.

This is a nice paint job… ;D Wish i have one fhz with that paint job… ;D

woooh its like a preschooler who ate neon crayons threw up awesome :o

that is amazing how much would it cost for you to do something like that


I charge $30 shipped, I place it back into its packaging and it comes w/ everything you would normally get w/ a FHZ

it is ok i guess

As long as he likes the colors he picked, then that’s all that matters ;D

yeah the only thing i dont like about it is the way the bearing and stuff is set up on duncans

What is wrong with how “the bearing and stuff is set up?”

Agreed! IMO, FHZ’s (well, Duncan in general) are one of the best plastics made.

purple pink and green my 3 favorite colors >:D

Maybe he means that he doesnt like the A bearing and the Friction stickers.

Don’t worry, he’s probably new to yoyoing.

I might get a FHZ and paint it. I think I’ll silicone recess 1 side and put a dif pad on the other! And paint it blue with green splash! But I’m not a fun of Duncan. I don’t like small bearing, and friction stickers aren’t the best thing invented!