Modded, hand-painted FHZ (good Kitty)

This is my first modded/painted fhz. What do you think?

Mixed bag.

First, I dislike what you’ve done, but please don’t go ballistic on me. It’s not my style.

Now, let me comment on the work itself from a more objective point of view, rather than personal opinion. Not bad. It appears clean and the whole selection of colors works very well. In a strange way, it kind of reminds me of the concept behind the new CLYW Canvas. I can definitely see a line of custom painted FHZ caps using graphics like you did rather than the stock Duncan graphics. It WOULD be marketable, but the questio is really is the market large enough to merit something like this?

I’d say in your case, I’d like to see what else you can do or what you do next. There’s a LOT of potential there. Your first effort was rather good, so I can only see better in the future for you.

Thanks for the constructive criticism. It seems like you have a few yoyo projects under your belt. Do you have a link to where i can see some mods you’ve made? I’m having alot of fun doing this, and i’m really getting into modding, so any feedback and examples to look at will help. Also, do you know if duncan is manufacturing clear FHZs anymore??

Duncan is aiming to release clear FHZs soon. Over the summer, Duncan said they were going to release clear FHZs this fall. And the FHZ looks very nice. The graphic drawn on the caps looks professionally drawn and seems it took a great deal of time and effort. The recess looks a bit far from the bearing seat though, over all, I would expect that to play very nicely.

Nah, it’s probably fine. Yes it’s a little far away, but the recess is a little wider than most.

It plays and binds really nice. The added rubber o rings really give it nice solid feel. I cant wait to mod some more.