All FH's mods and paints thread

Here’s a yellow and red checkered FHZ, pretty sick.

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Post Any FHZ Mods, paintings, ect!!

You guys know anyone who mods fhz?

almost anyone can mod a FHZ. But it depends on what kinda mod your talking about.

They aren’t painted but…

Modded out?

Are you doing these paint jobs?

Anyone know how to remove the FH logo from the caps?

Yes use rubbing alcohol on a que-tip if you can’t get it with your hands use a drill or a dremel.

Brake fluid works nice.
I don’t think rubbing alcohol will work.

I saw someone use it on a tut. On how to paint a FHZ, but if brake fluid works go for that.

Are you doing these paint jobs?

No just post ones that look cool. I could if I had a clear one.

Why does the thread say “Official BC” then?

I think it would be more meaningful to post your own original work or things you actually own rather than pulling stuff owned by other people. In many cases you need their permission to post their stuff.

Yeah I know this was kinda a waste of threads thread. :wink: maybe we can rename it? FHZ mods post yours?? Or just LOCK.

Would love to have something identical to this

The color is amazing to me, but I guess color isn’t to important would just like weight rings, and so it can have silicon response instead of those super wide duncan pads. Would also like a bigger bearing size C. I’m not to sure how else a FHZ can be modded tho so for now that’s pretty much it

Dunacn now sells those. Not the same color and cap design. But other great colors, and the cap is the same as a reg. FHZ.

Don’t they still have that really wide silicon pad tho? I would like something that uses reg 19mm pads

This may be the future of Duncan. I would like a FHZ but Delrin…