FHZ Light up Pulse Mod Questions


I just bought a clear FHZ with the pulse technology. I hear people modding the FHZ all the time, I want to know what all could be done with this one that I just bought. I don’t want it painted because it has the LEDs in it that spin and make it cool, but would like it as a better player. Will it accept any speed bearing? Will that mess up the LED lights? What are some thoughts?

I just ordered mine, I expect to have it by Thursday.

It takes an A-sized bearing. I hear it is pad recessed, so it should take silicone stickers better. But I’m still interested in having it modified anyways to have silicone recesses instead.

I know some modders can tweak it to take a larger bearing. I’m fine with the stock A-sized bearing. Just clean it and it should be great.

I’m also going to order Terrapin X hubstack kits for my FHZ’s(The LED, stock and modified ones I have).

Painting would be foolish, for the reasons you state.

However, before i send this out to get mods done, I do intend to play it. If it feels anything like my modified FHZ, I’m gonna be pleased. If it plays anything like my stock FHZ, it’s going to need mods.

I think the LED stuff itself is cool all by itself. It just needs to be a top player and it will be awesome.

I almost called you today Chris…don’t remember why haha!

I think I might buy a terrapin X “A” bearing for it. Can you explain the difference with the stock pads, silicone stickers silicone recessed? Don’t know what those are, what they do, and why I would want them. Any thoughts on that?

Stock pads are friction stickers. Silicone stickers are the same as friction stickers but last about 100 times longer and aren’t as grabby. Silicone recess is a grove filled with silicone.

Silicone recess

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Ok so which would be better, silicone stickers or silicone recess and why and how hard is it to do the recess?

Well, my small bearing bassalope uses sticker recess and I’m using 12mm Duncan Silicone stickers in it.

Given a choice, I prefer a response recess that can accept flowable silicone. I like how it performs over stock or replacement response pads or rings.

How hard is it to do? All I can say is I’m not going to do this myself because I lack the tools and experience. XminusmikeX would be my go-to choice for FHZ mods at the moment.

I may be relatively new to this, but I know what I like!

Most people prefer silicon recess because you can apply flowable, but then again some people prefer pad recess. I would recommend getting ghost pads and the bearing kit. Ghost pad: amazing pad. Bearing kit: makes gap wider.
Just remember, don’t fix something if it isn’t broken.

I recommended taking some crucial large spr’s and taking the sticker recess to the bottom of the spacer recess so its flat.

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My brother has one, if you clean the bearing and trade out the two friction stickers for a silicone sticker ,and put in a 100% poly string, it’ll be descently unresponsive and spin for a while. You could also silicone recess it if you want, just don’t go too deeply.

You can’t silicone recess this FHZ without highwalling it first. This reason is because of the pad recess that has already been done by Duncan.

I got my Pulse FHZ on Wednesday. I’m cleaning out the bearings of this and a few other Duncans today or tomorrow. The bearing in my modified FHZ is being left alone, it was cleaned before I got it. Right now, my 2 Freehand 2s, my stock FHZ, the Metal Drifter and the new FHZ Pulse are way too responsive. I want to see how much better cleaning the bearings will be. Besides, I got nothing else better to do after my computer consulting appointment.

Just cleaning the bearing in my FH2010 made it dead unresponsive. Of course, I use my own string, so that may affect it.

Just cleaned the bearing. It’s LESS responsive. Even with the recessed pad response, it’s still very responsive. I need to give it more time to break in the bearing I think. I’m not giving up on it but I think this may be going to xminusmikex soon for a deepening of the silicone pad response and maybe schmoove rings as well. It’s going to be worth whatever he’s gonna charge me for it. Might send him some other stuff as well. At least it’s not all grippy like my stock FHZ.

I cleaned the bearings of my FHZ Pulse, Metal Drifter, stock FHZ, Freehand2 and Freakhand. The FH2 and Freakhand are like hopelessly responsive. Might have to send then whole lot for mods.

Mine are dead unresponsive though. What string are you using? Try switching to SPEC bearings.

Using the string it came with and the bearing it came with. I don’t have an issue changing out the string to 100% poly. If I need to order some bearings, I’d probably just go with the Terrapin X Beefcake sets for the FHZ’s. I’m tight on cash right now while I wait for a check to come in. But I have no issue getting better bearings.

I’ll maybe swap strings tomorrow.

There’s your problem. Duncan uses cotton strings which are generally cause the yoyo to be responsive.

I tried that. Popped a 100% poly on there. Not much change, it’s only slightly less responsive than it was before. It’s still pretty fresh so I think I need to break in the bearing more and break in the lube.

Replacement bearings have to wait.

just saying, people can’t stop saying how great the FHZ is, and I didn’t agree with it, I thought stock FHZs were the next thing to garbage.

now the lit up FHZ is actually a very good throw, right out of the box (alright, get one pad out), yes it’s responsive, but it’s also long spinning, and with one pad out, once the light stops, you know it’s unresponsive and you got to bind it.

so now, people, try and explain this.

up until today, stock FHZ were horrible to today’s play standards and people were praising them and inciting others to buy them.

now, the new FHZ is a GREAT improvement, and people complain and want to mod it ?

what did I miss ?

So either before, people were lying to others (me included) and knew that a stock FHZ was not as good as that, either people who never played FHZ kept leading others to buy one.

I for one love my lit up FHZ how it is (one pad out, that’s it) and feel no need to upgrade it furthermore than maybe some KK bearing.

I think it’s because people want a silicone recess not a pad recess.

I completely agree.

Having a stock FHZ, a modified FHZ and the LED FHZ, I can speak with first hand experience.

The modified one kicks butt! I’m taking a sticker out of the LED one soon as well as the stock FHZ and see if they end up completely unresponsive.

Long spinning? Sure. Stable? Yup. Fun? Yes. Out of the package proper? No.

They need to go with silicone recesses or a deeper(deeper than even the FHZ Pulse) pad response. my Bassalope is using Duncan silicone stickers and it’s dead unresponsive and uses the same size bearing. Duncan could be doing a few things differently is all I can say.