All FH's mods and paints thread

Check it out maybe you can get 19mm pads and put em’ in.

I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works…Don’t you need a recess for regular pads?

O yeah, I forgot. ;p well what if you like the pads that cone stock better??

Also I forgot it’s already recessed, were talking about the new FHZ. The big bearing I think it’s spelled celcon?

great idea

Some mods I’ve done



Did you do that? It’s pretty. :o Nice machines too.


And, Gotta cut closer to the seat spirit, cut close enough that those mold marks are gone. Niice tho


Cyclontzy is back from the dead?! I haven’t seen you around in quite some time.

HE’S ALIVE And the tool I was using was too thin lol Thanks for the advice!

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I want a modded fhz so bad :confused:

Good Going now that you mentioned his name he is not going to post for " quit some time ". >:(

I’ll be painting and modding a special FHZ later :wink:

Post pics!

Yeaa, I lurk, I lurk, I’ve been seeing some lack of FHZs in here, need to start modding again.

There hasn’t been much to recess since Duncan started selling FHZs and FH2s stock with recesses. And Bcmaddog, wanna change this to also include FH2s?

Pad recess tho? that’s lame, Newer FH2s are fun, but prefer to sili recess. I love FH2s with LB tho, great weight distro for LB on those.

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