Duncan fhz caps?


Hey guys ive been getting into modding as you may already know, and one thing i, interested in is the caps on the fhz. The giant fhz logo is annoying, and i was wondering if there is an easy way to get rid of it without getting rid of the duncan logo. Is there any way besides satining the caps? I was thinking about putting the yoyo on the drill and just sanding them off, but i cant find a way to keep the duncn logo. Any tips? If not, where can i buy blank caps or custom caps?


Grab some Dot3 brake fluid and an old sock, rag, or paper towels. Then start rubbing the brake fluid onto the caps with the rag to get the logo off. If you want the Duncan logo to stay, mask it off.


I actually just tried that. It doesn’t get the logo off. How long would you say it takes? I tried for 5 minutes and it has no effect on the cap.


I’ve seen people do it before, and I’m trying to remember how…
I think it had something to do with putting a q-tip in a drill and rubbing off the logo
but I’m not positive. I’m gonna try to find where I saw it

what I’ve found from a google search is dot3 will work. it just takes a lot of elbow greese. you can use a buffing wheel to speed it up.

“DOT3 indeed! It takes a LOT of rubbing for the logo to come off though, so be prepared for a slow process. If you have a variable speed Dremel, you can use one of those buffing wheel attachments with the brake fluid set to the lowest speed. Dont let it sit in one spot for too long, set it to the lowest speed, and make sure the wheel and caps have plenty of brake fluid on them or else you’ll “burn” the surface of the caps.”

Also one guy said pencil erasers worked with a lot of elbow grease. and someone else mentioned petrol and a sponge.


Yep DOT 3 is the way to go. Just don’t leave it soaking. Then it will eat at the plastic itself. Rubbing will indeed remove it and it does the best that I’ve seen so far in my 6 years of modding.