Duncan light up FHZ

Hello there. I was thinking of getting something for my mother, so I thought a self painted FHZ would be nice. Problem is, I cannot find a clear one in stock, so I was wondering if I could remove the guts of the light up clear FHZ with a penknife or something like that so I could paint it.
Is this possible?
Also, to remove the FHZ logo at the side, do I just use a penknife to scrape it off?
And what paint do I use for a speckled pattern?
Thank you all very much.

Yes, you could do that. Should work fine. Many people have used brake fluid to remove the logo.

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Thanks a lot! To remove the logo, do I submerge the caps in the fluid or do I apply it to the logo only.
Also, will spray paint work?

To remove the logo dip a q-tip or a rag in the brake fluid and rub it off.

Paint - spray paint or brushed on acrylic will work. Some people apply paint to a few spots and spin the yoyo on a drill (not too fast) to get a pattern. Note that the base color goes on last, designs first (assuming you’re painting the inside).

Thank you so much, I am only writing on the clear caps, so do I write with a permanent marker, then paint it? Sorry, this will be my first mod and I don’t really know how the basics work.

Just remember you’re working from the inside, so everything is kinda backwards… top layer first, bottom layer last, and make sure if you’re writing and words that they read correctly from the outside.


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I see. Thank you both for answering my questions :slight_smile: